New Product Arrivals: LE 3.5W MR16 GU10 LED Bulbs,50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent

July 14, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow


LightingEver Recent additions 3.5W MR16 GU10 LED Bulbs,50W Halogen Bulbs Equivalent. it has pack of 6 units.

mr16 gu10 led bulbs 3.5w

3.5w mr16 gu10 led light bulbs

Here are some specific introduction:
True high efficiency: This MR16 GU10 LED bulb consumes just 3.5 Watts, emitting 350 lumens of light, serving as an effective replacement for a 50 watts halogen bulb, saving you up to 90% in energy costs.
Extremely long lifespan: Each bulb comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.
Easy to install: Standard MR16 shape with GU10 twist and lock base fits well into all your regular MR16 halogen bulbs.
Soft on your eyes: These bulbs provide soft white, warm color (3000 kelvin), which gives great look inside the home, producing a relaxing warm radiance full glow ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and recreation rooms.
Wide beam angle: Beam angle is 120°, which is perfect for residential and commercial lighting, light up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage, bathroom, study or office.
Instant on without delay: Switching on these lights, they were able to go onto full brightness within less than 0.5 seconds, no need to wait for warming up the lamp.
Excellent color consistency and CRI: CRI is a measure of a light source’s ability to show object colors “realistically” or “naturally” compared to a familiar reference source, so that CRI is over 80 means more vivid and natural light.
Input Voltage: 120 V AC
Friendly to your family and the environment: No Ultraviolet (UV) light, do not attract mosquitoes like conventional bulbs.
Free of toxic chemicals, like mercury or lead, which will protect your family’s health and also allows you to help make the world a little bit greener.
Application: These Indoor MR16 GU10 LED light bulbs is ideal for use in recessed cans and track light fixtures. They provide a crisp, bright white halogen light and are perfect for accenting your décor.
Notice: This new product Non-dimmable and Non waterproof. If you need more mr16 gu10 led bulbs, Please Click:

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