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Navigate Your Boat at Night with LED Boat Lights

Navigate Your Boat at Night with LED Boat Lights

LED Boat Lights
led boat lightsThe finest boats need the finest lights to guide them at night. LED boat lights serve to do justthat. Though LED lights may look cool, they are actually useful for fishing at night in additionto making your life easier when navigating at night. One thing to keep in mind is that you havea few types of LED boat lights you can choose from.
Why LED Lights?
LED lights will save energy on your boat. This is especially useful if you spend a lot of time on the water. LED lights attract less bugs at night. This is because LED light don’t give off as much heat as incandescent or halogen lights.
Rope Lights
Rope lights have been around for a while and are easy to install on boats. They are flexible and can be easily adjusted and bent to fit near a radar arch or inside near the boat’s cockpit.They also last long and give off a low amount of heat. Most rope lights have power cords and are 12V compatible, so they are easy to install.

solar rope lights
LED solar rope lights
led strip lights
led strip lights

If you’re looking to buy an LED rope light, you might need more than 10 feet of roping,
especially if you’re looking to wrap it around the inside of the boat. You have two choices
here. You can either purchase roping with a longer line, or you can group many sets together to give you the right length. With enough lighting, you’ll find the LED lights won’t be as bright as other types of lights and they’ll be easier on your eyes.
Underwater Lights
Underwater LED lights also give off a nice glowing effect at night. The latest lights are made of a special polymer so they won’t corrode as easily and are resistant to chemicals as well. This is a load off your mind since they won’t require you to maintain them as much after you install them.
Two Types of Strips
Essentially, there are two types of 12 volt LED strips that you can use on your boat. You have the two wire single color LED and the four wire RGB LED’s. The nice thing about the RGB LED is that it allows you to create any color you wish. You’ll also be able to turn them off or on in a multitude of ways.
By adding LED boat lights to your boat, you’ll find a number of benefits over traditional lights. Most are being made with quality in mind and are easy to install while also being energy efficient. They’ll be easier on your eyes and will have many options to choose from in the way of lighting patterns, too. Basically, LED lights are becoming a more popular choice for boat owners for their simplicity