Multi Color LED Strip Lights Reviews(2)

January 31, 2018 by Sarah Longfellow


Dimmable 12V 300 LEDs Multicolor LED Light Strip Kit 5m/16.4ft300 LEDs Strip Lights Kit 5m/16.4ft LED Tape 12V 5050 SMD Non-waterproof Indoor Decoration for Home Kitchen Bar Party Holiday Festival

As with most LED strip lights this is multi light strip comes in a reel, together with power adaptor, remote control and Remote IR sensor as well as converter in case you want to cut the light strip shorter.

This LED light pack was a good start to get your room, shelves or stairs lit up easily. It was simple to set up; just plug in the 3 pin plug cable to the power adapter; plug the power supply to the IR remote receiver, then lastly plug the end of the LED light strip into the IR remote receiver. The remote control already has a battery installed so all you need to do is remove the plastic film from under the battery cover. You also get 2 mid-joiners and one end to allow you to cut the LED strip and reconnect them to your specification.

The LED light strip isn’t covered at all and all components are open to the elements on arrival so in order to fit it safely and permanently in an area of the room you will also need an LED strip covers in a d├ęcor that fits where-ever you are installing it. For example you can get corner or flat covers in a variety of metal or wood. It comes in a 5m wound around a reel to make it easy to roll out and attach. This version of the LED lights are not waterproof so should only be installed indoors (you can get waterproof versions of this product: 12V 5050 SMD 60 Multicolor LED Light Strip With Remote Waterproof).

led strip lights rgb

Once installed and plugged in, you may be baffled by the remote control as it’s quite big but very thin. You can control; on/off, select a particular colour (range of 20 pre-set colours from jus white, red, green or blue to yellow or magenta as well as RGB light variation buttons to specify your own), brightness of any colour that you choose, DIY1-6 for your own, flash, jump and fade.
With such a large selection of lighting options, this LED light strips is really nice however if you are thinking of installing such lighting in your home I would consider the additional cost of cover strips as well. Having said this, you can just stick it to the walls, alcoves or shelves but just beware of the gentle heat generated by the lights as well as aesthetics if you don’t cover them.
Although you can run LED strips together to cover large rooms you should note that there are limits in the number of reels you can connect together due to voltage drop the further along the reel goes (and hence dimmer lights). Lighting EVER have advised no more than 2 reels (less than 10m length total) in succession otherwise there is a drop in light quality.

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