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MR16 LED Bulb  A Better Addition to Your House

MR16 LED Bulb A Better Addition to Your House


Ever since the MR16 LED bulb has been introduced, it is being used as a popular replacement for the halogen bulbs in the commercial and residential locations. Originally, the MR16 lights were used in houses because of longer life span. These bulbs can prove to be a better addition in your house because of numerous qualities they come with as compared to the halogen bulbs. These bulbs are suited for a number of applications now where low to medium intensity of light is required. You can see the MR16 LED bulb fixed in track lights, desk lamps, landscape lights, ceiling lights, retail display lights, and even pendant fixtures.
mr16 led bulbMR16 is short for Multifaceted Reflector having a diameter of 16 of 8th of an inch. These LED bulbs are available in other diameters too such as MR8 and MR11. MR16 is more popular because low voltage is required to operate these bulbs and they have a GU5.3 fitting. They can mostly work on 12 voltages.

Take a look at the qualities of these LED bulbs to know why they can fit your home/office space better than any other bulbs or lights around:
•    Efficient
These bulbs are most efficient ones available yet. They can produce light output starting from 10 to 100 watt. They are better than halogen and the incandescent lights, which are capable of producing 24 and 15 watts respectively.
•    No warming up
These bulbs don’t release heat because they don’t emit infrared radiation that can warm the environment. Only the junction is responsible for generating the heat, which is usually dissipated due to heat sinking.
•    Durability
The life of an average LED bulb is 30,000 to 50,000 hours. That means these lights are capable of lasting longer than the typical halogen bulbs that we use. You will not have to worry about changing the bulb again and again.
These bulbs are not sensitive to shocks as well as shakes. Even if the temperature is low, they can still keep on working. The best thing about these bulbs is low power consumption. They are capable of converting 90 percent of the power into light and they don’t emit much heat. That means there won’t be any fear of catching fire even if they are being used 24/7.mr16 led bulb
These lights are called MR because they are the replacement of original reflectors. Beam angle of the bulb is controlled through the optics of the diode. The color temperature of these bulbs is variable and it is different as compared to the halogen lights. The white color of the light is similar to the color of natural light, and sit will not turn yellow. You can also find colored version of these MR16 bulbs.
The performance of MR16 LED bulb makes it a perfect fit in homes as well as commercial locations. They come in nice aesthetics and hence a simple bulb installed in the entrance of your house can look wonderful. These bulbs are not costly, so do not worry about the price as well.

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