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“Misers” Favorite  LED Tube Lights

“Misers” Favorite LED Tube Lights

LED tube lightsLED tube lights have enjoyed greater and greater popularity among customers. Compared with traditional halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights, LED tube lights possess many attractive characters. In the following we will give you a detailed list of their advantages and some specific samples for your interest.

The biggest advantage of LED tube lights comes, undoubtedly, to their super energy efficiency. Their high efficiency in converting electrical power to light means that LED tube lights can provide you with the same brightness as traditional lights do while use less electricity. Therefore, you can save a lot on energy bills. At the same time, they are more durable than traditional lights so they can reduce your times of bulb replacements. This is especially important to those places where replacement can be very difficult, even dangerous, such as the top of sky scrapers. With LED tube lights, you no longer need to worry about regular replacement.

Next comes to the fact that LED tube lights are safe to use. As they produce less heat, they are not likely to get burned out and you won’t get burned when you accidentally touch the tubes. They are also safe to use in the sense that LED tube lights have no toxic emissions, very eco-friendly and good for your health.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, LED tube lights do have many other advantages, and if you are interested, you are welcome to visit our website. Our LED products are well-known for their high quality and fashion design. We are committed to providing the best products for anyone in need of them. LED tube lightsThe following is a specific sample of LED tube lights for your reference.

This is a 10w T8 LED tube light, able to replace your 25w fluorescent tubes. The light is daylight white, and we have a special price now, only cost you $25.99. This LED tube light, made of PC, has a beam angle of 140 degree, and we offer a warranty of 3 years. We’ve got certifications: UL, PSE, and FCC.