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Make Your Living Room Comfortable with LED Lights

Make Your Living Room Comfortable with LED Lights


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Good lighting design can not only make your room more beautiful but also bring a safer and more comfortable living experience for you and even your life more interesting. If you are seeking for a lighting solution for your living room, then here we go.

Living room is a place for a variety of activities such as family chat, watching TV, playing games, entertaining guests and other purposes. The lighting solution should be adjustable, by changing the lighting combination, the brightness of light to create the appropriate atmospheres. With dimmable LED products, you can easily adjust different lighting atmospheres for different events.


Basic Lighting— LED Recessed Ceiling Lights

recessed ceiling lights

You can choose recessed ceiling lights as the basic lighting. The positions and quantity of the recessed ceiling lights can be flexible according to the structure size. The lights can be integrated with the fresh air system; the central air conditioning system and the home audio and video system part of the equipment. The space will look neat and orderly in that way. Ceiling lights need to hang down which will need certain space while no space is needed in the vertical direction for recessed ceiling lights. At the same time, you can also illuminate the ceiling with indirect lighting, so that the space looks more open and bright.


Basic, Accent and Decorative Lighting—LED Track Lightings

track lights

Track lightings can be used as multiple roles (basic, accent and decorative lighting) for the living room. The quantities and the installing position are also based on room size.


Indirect Lighting—LED Strip Lights

strip lights, led strip lights

Last but not least, low-light indirect lighting is a must for the space near the TV, which can buffer dark contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding environment so as to reduce visual fatigue. Therefore, you can install the led strips lights in at the back of the TV.

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