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Lightingever LED Commercial Lighting Applications

Lightingever LED Commercial Lighting Applications


Now you can very easily find LED commercial lighting used in various places. LED commercial lighting has great advantages compared to conventional lighting. LED commercial lighting can saves more electricity and money, environmental protection and long life. in addition to the above points, it is important that LED commercial lighting tend to be safer compared to extremely very hot incandescent and halogen lighting. So when you decide to use led lighting for commercial lighting, you should consider several factors.

8W 3.5-Inch LED Recessed Ceiling Lights
LED Recessed Ceiling Lights for Shop

LED commercial lighting applications:

1.Public Stadium. in any venue, it delivers crisp, even light that helps players, spectators,even referees see better. indoors, Lightingever LED lights deliver unequalled performance in sanctuaries, lecture halls, auditoriums and other venues. No other lighting technology can compete with LED’s meager energy usage or its virtually zero maintenance.

2.Hotel and Restaurant. Lightingever LED commercial lighting makes the hospitality business way more hospitable. The rich glow of LED lighting helps create appealing first impressions that set the mood with consistent color and light quality. Lightingever focus on ecologically sustainable LED lighting experience, use Lightingever LED lights will help guests and employees feel safer while reducing dark spots and light spillover.

3.Road. Long stretches of street and highways can be illuminated with Lighitngever new technology LED lights, that too with low consumption and energy saving conveniences.

4.Residential. Lightingevr LED lighting will perfectly matching the warmth of traditional incandescent but using a fraction of the energy to do so. at the same time you can choose 3000k recessed light for auto show, jewelry, luxury clothing, professional windows, counters and other lighting places.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 510lm
LED Under Cabinet Lighting for home

5.Warehouse. use Lightingever LED high bay light fixture can speeds production and helps identify parts, isolate problems, and avoid on-the-job accidents. Virtually zero maintenance minimizes work stoppages for lamp changes. Lightingever LED commercial lighting renders colors more accurately with less heat, gains efficiency at lower temperatures and saves up to 60~80% on energy costs.

185W LED High Bay Light Fixture
185W LED High Bay Light for warehouse


In short, Lightingever LED commercial lighting idea for supermarkets, furniture store, garages, general task areas, and many other applications.

If you are interested in Lightingever commercial lighting, Please visit: http://www.lightingever.com/led-commercial-lighting .


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  1. i have to light up 8 ft shelves in a book case and have 4 per cabinet how do i link them together and also have a cabinet on bottom to light up so all together there is 48 ft of strip leds, i would like to use 1 transformer.also the top cabinets i would like to use blue does that change what im try to do please help

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