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Lighting Fixtures Special for Summer Use


Summer is finally coming and the heat is kicking up! There are many ways to stay cool from the hot temperature and the most common ways are staying at home and swimming.
In addition to the air conditioner, the ceiling fan is a good way to keep you cool from the brutal summer temps.

30-inch Ceiling Fans with 6 Wooden Blades and Light Kit, Reversible Classic Ceiling Fans for winter and Summer Use



ceiling fans light kit


Product Description
Excellent balance & noiseless: By adopting qualified fan motor and hanging system, this ceiling fan balanced nicely with almost zero wobble. It’s so quiet that you don’t even know it’s running, which keeps you and your family comfortable all the time without annoying tics or hums.
Optimum height: They do not hang down far from the ceiling, so the fan does not reduce headroom much at all, and despite of being close to the ceiling, it does a nice job of moving air.
Versatile: This delicate ceiling fan perfectly fits your upstairs loft bedroom, family room, nursery, dining room, kitchen, or a covered patio, and many more places.
Reversible fan for summer and winter use: It has a toggle switch for direction reverse on the fan motor, you can switch the fan rotation for summer and winter.
Two control models: This fabulous ceiling fan has a pull chain to access high, medium and slow speed, and the last pull turns it off. You can turn it on/off via the switch (not included) on wall as well. You can pull another chain on the fan to turn on/off the lights.
Light Fixture provided: It comes with a lamp shape with an E12 base screw. For normal lighting needs, you can add a 60W incandescent bulb which was recommended.
You can also try an LED bulb which is much more energy efficient and brings you bright light as well.
Ready to use: With all the accessories provided, all you have to do is to have an electrician to install the ceiling
fan (unless you are a handyman type yourself), then you can fully enjoy the comfort it brings.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in summer. Swimming pool light is essential for your swimming pool if you swimming at night.

18W RGB Swimming Pool Lights, LED Underwater Light, 12 Modes, Color Changing, Remote Controller Included, 12V PAR56 Waterproof Pond Light



swimming pool light

Product Description
Color changing: RGB light with remote controller included.
Safe to use: Low voltage design for water safety.
12 Modes: 7 static modes and 5 dynamic changing modes.
Waterproof: IP68, used in the water, and do not use this lamp for more than 2 hrs when out of the water.
Effective control distance: 20m~80m, which depends on the specific applications?
Memory function: It remembers the last color or transition setting used when it is powered off then on again.
Input Voltage: 12V AC/DC, when it works in AC 12V, every changing mode is synchronous.
Maintenance Free: No bulb replacement with energy efficient LEDs
Solid State: Shockproof and vibration proof
Eco-Friendly: No lead or mercury. No UV or IR Radiation.

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