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Lighting Ever LED High Bay/Industrial Lighting Installation Guide

Lighting Ever LED High Bay/Industrial Lighting Installation Guide


Thank You for buying Lighting Ever LED High Bay Light. To ensure maximum experience, please install it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate person for retention and future reference.


  1. Please check carefully whether the light is damaged.
  2. This product can only be installed and removed by professionals.
  3. To avoid any hurts fallen lamp, please do not change suspension components at a venture.
  4. Ensure the power is off before wiring and installation.



  1. NON-professionals are not allowed to operate, Shut off the power before maintenance.
  2. Risk of burn, allow lamps/fixtures to cool down before handling.


Luminaire may fall down if not installed properly

Follow installation instructions


Risk of injury

Wear safety glasses and proper aid during installation and maintenance

Product Parameter

SKU Dimension Color Temperature Input frequency Input Voltage Lamp Wattage Brightness CRI Work Temperature
3500007-DW 19.53*14.72in Daylight White(6000k) 50/60HZ AC85-265V 60w 4800 >80 -25°~40°
3500008-DW 19.53*17.87in Daylight White(6000k) 50/60HZ AC85-265V 100w 8000 >80 -25°~40°
3500009-DW 19.53*19.49in Daylight White(6000k) 50/60HZ AC85-265V 180w 14400 >80 -25°~40°
35000010-DW 19.53*21.46in Daylight White(6000k) 50/60HZ AC85-265V 240w 19200 >80 -25°~40°

Components and Structure




How to install



Please install the hook in the install location(such as ceiling) in advance. Hook and link are used together; make sure that bearing capacity of the hook is more than 3 times of the light weight. Shown in Figure 1.



Put the link into the hook so the light is lifted by the link. Shown in Figure 2.



Connect the blue line and the brown line to N and L respectively, and yellow-green line. Then the light can be turned on. Show in Figure 3.

Warm prompt

  1. Please follow the installation instruction above.
  2. To guarantee normal work of the light, please use the voltage indicated on the packaging.
  3. Please turn off the power at first when disassembling the light for other reasons.

General troubleshooting

If installed correctly, please confirm whether caused by following reasons, If still not solved, please stop using immediately and contact professionals or retailer for help.

  1. If the lamp does not work, please cut off the power and then check if the power cord is not connected with utility power properly.
  2. If it is not the reason of a faulty connection, please ask a professional to check whether the voltage is right or other faulty wiring.



  1. Always observe the minimum distance between the lamp and the surface being lit as indicated on the icon.
  2. IPX4: The fitting is splash-proof: it may be exposed to splashing water coming from any direction(360°)
  3. IPX5: The fitting is dust protected.
  4. Protection class: the fitting has an earthing connection. The earth wire(yellow/green) has to be connected to the clip marked.
  5. Z-connection: The wire can’t be replaced.
  6. Ensure that you don’t drill through electrical wires or any other obstruction in the wall or ceiling during installation!
  7. This luminaire contains in some places very hot parts.
  8. This product is not suitable for children under 14year.

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