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Light Up Your Life with These Little Lamps

Light Up Your Life with These Little Lamps


For those who are strict in the quantity of life, a little lighting lamp can be the presence of their tastes. If you are the one who cares much about your life, please don’t hesitate to follow us and light up your life with these little wonderful lamps!

Pottery Pot Pendant Lamp

pottery pot pendant pamp-1pottery pot pendant pamp-2pottery pot pendant pamp-3

The hanging pottery pot just like the wind chimes indicates rotation of night and day. The neutral aluminum color with the warm cork on the pot lampshade is the perfect integration of cold and warm.

Pottery Pot Floor Lamp

pottery-pot-floor-lamp-1 pottery-pot-floor-lamp-2 pottery-pot-floor-lamp-3

The little pottery pot flood lamp can provide a comfortable soft light when lying on the sofa at night but also be the little vignettes of beauty in your room.

Birdcage Modeling Pendant Lamp

birdcage-modeling-pendant-lamp-1 birdcage-modeling-pendant-lamp-2 birdcage-modeling-pendant-lamp-3

The modern lamp is not just for lighting but also the stylist of the atmosphere. The lamp that can let you can’t help screaming “Wow” is right here.

Jellyfish Floor Lamp & Table Lamp

jellyfish floor lamp jellyfish floor lamp & table lamp jellyfish table lamp

Sneak into the deep sea, capturing a girl’s heart. Giving your expectation a soft export, it is a gift of love, but also a quiet accompany.

LE provides a variety of LED bulbs for different lightings.

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