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Light Up Your Business with Lighting Ever

Light Up Your Business with Lighting Ever


led bulbs wholesaleLighting Ever has the best LED bulbs wholesale offers in the market with top notch lighting bulbs of all kinds. Our company is constantly attending buyers and partners from all over the world, either individual customers or big companies and suppliers, so we are absolutely ready to offer you the best deal on LED bulbs wholesale, specially through online sales.
Our wide variety of lamps do not lack the best technologies providing great performance for each one of our led bulbs. Our company has the best top certifications in many countries, like the Dekra, BSCI and VDE in Europe, or the Energy Star, FCC and UL in America, among many others.
Currently, Lighting Ever develops at least seventeen different kinds of led bulbs based on shape, application and the attaching base system of the bulb. The array of options goes from residential implementation to automotive use. Each led bulb of course is developed with specific criteria to attend the ambience where it will be applied.
We also offer products with great seasonal selling potential like the LED strips, great for all holidays, specially Christmas. All the great power saving features of LED lights are implemented to provide great and beautiful aesthetic results on home and commercial decoration as well as our exclusive system of strips offer resilient led bulbs.
On the other hand, Lighting Ever also has a special line of LED panels for commercial use, another great selling product all times of the year and with very special lighting features. They can be implemented either on commercial displays or part of the illumination and decoration system of malls.
led bulbs wholesaleFor residential customers there is yet a wide variety of LED bulbs. In our online shop either wholesale buyers or residential ones can make use of the filter system and find out the best product for their own needs – or your public, if you are a wholesale buyer. Our LED bulbs are assorted by beam angle, bulb shape, light color, wattage and also the lumen potency compared to other kinds of bulbs (fluorescent, incandescent, halogen) among other features you can select to sort your research, like the waterproof feature.
There are special lines of LED bulbs for underwater setting. The flood bulbs are fit to be implemented on fountains, pools and other sort of aquatic ambience. These bulbs as well as many other outdoor LED bulbs are developed with solar energy panels. Lighting Ever also develops growing LED lights for use on indoor harvest.
Do you commercialize more? We surely have! Office oriented lighting, from desk lamps to headlamps, recessed lighting, tubes, LED flashlights and many other specific designs.
Our LED bulbs wholesale has very special prices and we are up to make the best deal with you. Most of our products are sold with 5 years warranty, free delivery and a money refund guarantee of 30 days. Buy the most economic lights in the market with the highest quality and economy for your business budget.

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