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Find Great Light Fixtures for the Kitchen at Lighting Ever

Find Great Light Fixtures for the Kitchen at Lighting Ever


The kitchen is one of the most important but under rated rooms of the entire house. Whether you’re entertaining someone at home, up for a late night snack or just helping your special someone with making pancakes on a Sunday morning, the kitchen is a vital part of every home. It is a well known fact that the illumination of a room can have a make or break effect on the aura of the room and the moods of its inhabitants. But usually the concept of aesthetic lighting is reserved to living rooms and dining rooms while the kitchen acquires a backstage status when it comes to light fixtures. Cabinets, sinks, and counter tops are all we think about when someone says “kitchen fixtures”. In fact light fixtures for kitchen should be one of the first considerations for anyone who wishes to revamp and add life to their kitchen.

light fixtures for kitchen
Now while it may seem like a simple task, not everyone can successfully orient light fixtures in the kitchen to achieve functionality with an artistic twist. How can the lighting be kept soft, such that the light source is almost untraceable? How to achieve that “glow” while keeping the lights sharp enough to work under? A simple solution is to ‘’layer” the light fixtures. For the layering effect, different types, sizes and intensities of light fixtures are used. For example, A bright island light in the centre of the ceiling, and some recess lights around the edges to balance the corners of the room. LED “strips” are also being used in so many ways now to add some visual appeal. They can be used on toekicks under the cabinets, around the inner edges of glass fronted cupboards, or to accentuate any and every corner of the kitchen. LED strips not only make night time snack searches much more easily navigable, they also make the kitchen look good when all the other lights are switched off for the night. People are getting more adventurous than ever about implementing eclectic and unique ideas when it comes to interior design, and LED strips are something you just can’t go wrong with. Another extremely important thing is to remember to illuminate the dark areas under the cabinets, for which special soft under-cabinet LED lights are available. Since, LED’s don’t produce heat like halogen lights, one’s hands won’t feel the slow burning sensation while working on counter tops under them. Sometimes if the kitchen ceiling is too high and ceiling fixtures are not providing much functionality, monorail LED lamps or low hanging lights can be opted for.

light fixtures for kitchen

There are a lot of designs to pick from – ranging from classic chain hung lamps to industrial looking monorail lights. If that feels too contemporary, ornate and vintage chandeliers are being used in the kitchen now too. They add a little style and warmth to the kitchen which is great if you often eat or entertain in the kitchen. So to sum it up, light fixtures for the kitchen should not be given a secondary importance when it comes to the interior of your kitchen.


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