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LED Under Cabinet Lighting  Create A New Stylish Kitchen

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Create A New Stylish Kitchen

We are not desperate housewives, but may get desperate by the shadows created by cabinets above the counter in the kitchen even we have installed lights in the ceiling. Cooking in the shadows not only makes it difficult to distinguish food materials but also prevents us from having a good mood. Now with many types of easy-to-install LED under cabinet lighting available, you can easily find lighting that fits your budget and gives your kitchen a completely new stylish appearance. This article will give you a brief explanation about why LED under cabinet lighting is preferable and will also provide a specific sample of LED under cabinet lighting for your reference.

led under cabinet lightingLED under cabinet lighting has many advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lighting, and one of the most important relates to the output of heat. Cabinets in the kitchen are usually used as pantry, places where we store foodstuffs. Heat released by your under cabinet lights will pierce the cabinets, causing damage of perishable foodstuffs; and shine onto the countertops, causing spoilage of exquisite dishes that you have taken great efforts to prepare for the family. Moreover, the heat will also warm up your cooking area; even make it very hot in the summer. Heat produced by LED under cabinet lighting is much less than that of incandescent and fluorescent lights. Besides, LED under cabinet lighting produces no lead or mercury, suitable for the food and beneficial to your health.LED under cabinet lighting

The following is a sample of 3w LED under cabinet lighting, puck light. It can replace a 25w halogen bulb, saving over 85% energy, which will greatly reduce your electric cost. The low voltage of this LED under cabinet lighting (12V DC) enables you to install in places where you may touch. And the over 80 CRI will also give your food a more natural look. With this LED under cabinet lighting at hand, you will get a properly lit kitchen counter so as to enjoy more of your cooking.