Home Commercial Lighting IdeasLED Tube or LED Panel Light- Which is better for you?
LED Tube or LED Panel Light- Which is better for you?

LED Tube or LED Panel Light- Which is better for you?


led tubesImproving your industrial facility to LED can be a very expensive decision, and with the long life duration of LED Lights, you will be trying to get those lights for years to come in your facility, so we have to make a right decision. But what to prefer—T8 LED Tubes to substitute the fluorescent tubes with same fixtures, or an LED Panel Light to substitute the entire fixture?
Both types of LED lights are superb products that will perform as a nice improved version of LED. But, the question remains!! What is the best option for you? Actually, it all depends on the existing lighting and your requirements.  We hope the following features will help you to select the lights that best adjust to your facility’s needs.

T8 LED Lamps
These are the best ones for a building operator who has brand new T8 fixtures with electronic barretters that can run a barretter Compatible Tube.  Or you can choose LED tubes that come with external barretters if your condition requires it.  These also functions for a building operator who would like to improve to LED incrementally, by buying a limited quantity and upgrade as the fluorescent tubes burn out.

led panel lightLED Panel Lights
These are the best ones for a building undergoing refurbishments, or for operators changing old and out dated T12 fixtures or ones with magnetic barretters since the expenses of an LED panel light is often times less than the expenses of 3/4 LED tubes and the fixture housing.  They are also best for someone who would want to improve the looks of the office with a cleaner looking panel.
Most importantly, LED Panel lights can provide built in support for occupancy sensors, networking, and color temperature tuning, which makes the office environment a more comfortable one.
If you want to buy LED Lamps and LED panel lights for your offices, then you can contact Lighting Ever for installation and related queries.

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