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LED Tail Lights  A Better Light Signal on Roads

LED Tail Lights A Better Light Signal on Roads

led tail lightsThe lighting system of a vehicle consists of many kinds of lights, and one of them is the tail light which is positioned in front and at the rear part of the vehicle. The first use of tail lights dates back to the 1920s when tail lights only functioned to make vehicles recognizable on the roads in the dark. At that time those tail lights had to be lit physically by the drivers and not until 1930s did the first electrically driven tail lights come into being. Many years have passed, and tremendous changes have happened in the technological and scientific world. One of the newest inventions is LED tail lights. Here we have listed some main features of LED tail lights and one specific sample of LED tail lights for your reference.

Characters of LED Tail Lights Benefits You Get from LED Tail Lights
Longevity LED tail lights use a very efficient light source which is completely different from incandescent and fluorescent lights so that they can last longer, reducing your cost of light replacement.
Energy-efficiency It takes LED tail lights less than half the power to run than that of the traditional lights, thus saving money in gasoline-based automobiles. Multiply this one-time-saving with the time of your car using, you may get petrified!
Instant brightness LED tail lights come to full lighting instantly the minute they are turned on while the traditional lights need some reaction time. This means a lot in improving safety as instant lighting signals help drivers convey their intentions immediately to other drivers and passersby.
Less heat LED tail lights produce a cooler shade of lighting which is brighter in appearance and also improves the visual performance of the drive. Plus, less heat has less impact on your car running.


LED tail lightsIn case you want to dig more about LED tail lights, we have a specific sample for your reference. This T20 7440 LED automotive bulb can be both used as turning light and tail light. This kind of 2.5w LED tail lights can replace 15w incandescent or halogen bulbs in daylight white. And we have 5 years of warranty to make you feel at ease.