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LED Strip Lighting Installation Instructions

LED Strip Lighting Installation Instructions


This article answers the most common questions about LED Strip Lighting Installation Instructions.

install 12v led strip step 5

First, Connecting power to single colour light strip without dimmer:

24W/36W/60W Power Adapter

Connecting two or more single colour strips with only one power in parallel:

  • N*24W Power adapter + N-way DC splitter (easily get 1 on amazon) + N*5M LED light strips
  • Please be kindly informed that the total wattage of LED strip lights should not exceed the max wattage of this adaptor

Second, Cutting:

The cut points can be found every 3 LEDs, usually with solder pads. You can simply cut to the desired length using a pair of scissors along the cut point line.

Third: Connecting

You can join/connect pieces of cut LED strip lights together using the solderless connector.

  • Open the plastic housing up;
  • Slide both sides of the LED tape into the connector;
  • Clip-on the connector into place until you hear a snap.

More detailed steps please read: How to Install LE 12V Led Strip Guide ?

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