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LED Street Lights/Parking Lot Lights For Outdoors

LED Street Lights/Parking Lot Lights For Outdoors


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The long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights are great for outdoor lighting like streets, parking lots, stadiums, outdoor sports arenas, campuses, or any large outdoor area. Our LED street lights/parking lot lights range from 30-3000W and provide 5000K and 6000K illumination, which is prfect for public outdoor spaces.

led street lightled parking lot lightsled parking lot light

LEDs are energy efficient and consume up to 70% less power than traditional lighting such as HPS and Metal Halide lights. Our LED street lights emit from 3,000 to 34,500 lumens depending on the fixture, and they consume less than half the energy that an HPS/MH fixture would use. These LED lights also come with weatherproof die cast aluminum housings that are powder coated for rust resistance. They come with either a slip fitter or a mounting arm which enable you to select the mounting way as you like.

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All of the LED parking lot lights operate within a wide 100-277V AC range. The LED lights are covered by a hassle-free 3 years warranty that protects against manufacturer defects and malfunctions.
For more information on the specification of LE LED street lights/parking lot lights, click here.

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