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LED Street Lights User Guide

LED Street Lights User Guide


Thank You for buying LE LED street lights. To Provide maximum user experience, please install it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate person for retention and future reference.

Installation Precautions

  1. This lamp should be installed by professionals.
  2. Ensure the power is off before wiring and installation.
  3. This lamp is not suitable for suspended mounting.
  4. Please do not retrofit the lamp within the warranty period.
  5. To ensure normal work of the lamp, please use the voltage indicated on the packing.


  1. Please abide by the laws and rules when installing this lamp.
  2. To avoid electric shock or any other damages to this lamp, please do not install this lamp in bad weather.
  3. To avoid falling or rotating of the lamp, the lamp arm must be tightly screwed.
  4. In order to prevent leakage or accident, the yellow-green ground wire must be earthed properly.


led street lights parameter

Components and Structure

led street lights components and structure


led street lights Dimensions

Photometric Report

led street lights Photometric Report

How to install

Step 1:

Loosen the screws of lamp arm.

Step 2:

Connect the blue line and brown line of the lamp separately into the NEUTRAL line and LIVE line of mains supply. The yellow-green ground wire must be earthed. Once the wiring is affirmed to be right, plug in the power supply.

install led street lights step2

Step 3:

Set the lamp arm into the lamp pole and tighten the screws.


  1. You need to buy a pole-arm adapter, if the dimen-sion of lamp arm is not compatible with lamp pole.
  2. Please refer to the photometric report to select the mounting height of the lamp.

General troubleshooting

If the lamp installed properly, please figure out whetherthe failure is caused by following situations. If all following resolutions do not work, please stop using immediately and contact professionals or retailers for help.

  1. If the lamp does not work, please cut off the power and then check whether the power cord of lamp is properly connected with mains supply.
  2. If connected properly, please ask a professional to check the input voltage or circuit.

Routine maintenance

  1. To ensure better lighting, please clean the lamp once a year.
  2. Please make sure the power is off before your maintenance work.
  3. To avoid any damage to the lamp, please do not use chemical solvent during the routine maintenance.
  4. If you need to replace any components or cords of the lamp, choose those having the same specifications.

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