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LED Street Lights to Give Us a Healthy and Bright Earth

LED Street Lights to Give Us a Healthy and Bright Earth

LED street lightsScientific and technological advancement has made a great impact on lighting systems, and one of the latest inventions is LED street lights. In fact many metropolitan cities have changed their traditional street lights into LED street lights. In comparison with traditional fluorescent and incandescent street lights, LED street lights have a lot of advantages which justify them as the best.

The most significant reason to install LED street lights is their long term cost effectiveness. They can produce the same amount of brightness as traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights do, but with much less electricity. The light efficiency of LED street lights now have already achieved at 110-130 lm/W, and there is still a large space for further improvement as the theoretical value is 250lm/W. A city with LED street lights on can save an amazing amount of money. Along with the long life-span of LED street lights to reduce the cost of replacement, more money will be saved. Actually it is not only more money but also more natural resources being saved.

The next consideration is the eco-friendliness of LED street lights. They do not contain any harmful chemicals like mercury or lead, and produce no harmful emissions into the air. As street lights may be lit for a whole night and a city has lots of street lights on, the eco-friendliness of LED street lights is really important.

LED street lightsAnother reason is that LED street lights produce very little heat; therefore, they will not heat up a city. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, LED street lights also have many other valuable characters, such as directional light, immediate response, and so on. Plus,LED street lights are very easy to install—you can substitute them for the original lighting. The given sample is a 30w high output LED street light, able to replace 100w high pressure sodium light, saving 70% on electrical bills. The light output is 3000lm, and the light fixture is waterproof (IP65). There are also other types of wattage available, and we offer 3 years of warranty to ensure customers’ best lighting experience.