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LED Spotlight Bulb vs. Halogen  Which Is Better

LED Spotlight Bulb vs. Halogen Which Is Better


LED spotlight bulb is a relatively new item on the market compared to a halogen bulb, and they used to be more expensive as well. But as LED technology improves, the bulb becomes more affordable. Spotlights are used in homes and workplaces. Most people place them in lounges or their kitchens. Halogen bulb and LED spotlight bulb look the same in appearance, but underneath they are really different.

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There are various advantages that a LED bulb has over a halogen spotlight. For one, the LED spotlight bulb runs much cooler than its halogen counterpart. Halogen spotlight creates excessive heat that could damage the objects it illuminates beneath it. It can burn skin or any flammable materials. The heat generated by halogen spotlight should be considered when you use them in heat sensitive applications, such as art galleries and museums. LED spotlight bulb is safe to touch and will not burn the fingers. It generates less heat that means less air conditioning is needed to cool the room, which saves energy.

LED spotlight bulb also has a high energy efficacy. A 4 watt LED bulb can produce the same directional light of a 20 watt halogen bulb. Plus, the latter produces IR radiations that wastes energy and produces heat. LED spotlight generates monochromatic light without wasting energy. When you use LED bulbs, you save up to 80 percent of your lighting costs.

Halogen spotlight bulb uses quartz filament that emits high UV radiation. That’s why they are covered with glass to provide additional protection. LED spotlights don’t generate UV radiation, and that means there’s no need for additional precaution. The light is also safe for human skin.led spotlight bulb

Another advantage of using a LED spotlight bulb is its longer life expectancy. Halogen light has an average life between 2,000 hours and 5,000 hours. LED bulb has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is around five years and eight months. This will help reduce your maintenance costs.

Halogen spotlights only have CCT between 2800K and 3200K, depending on the type of lamp and the manufacturer. There are some halogen bulb manufacturers that can offer CCT up to 4700K. LED spotlights have more color selections, such as cool white, warm white, blue, amber, green, red, and other RGB combinations.

The halogen spotlight has a filament capsule that’s pressurized and very fragile. The capsule can’t be touched with bare hands because salts and oils from the fingers can lead to corrosion and weaken it. Broken coil within the capsule may touch the quartz and melt into it while it is hot. This can shatter the capsule. LED spotlight bulb has a solid state technology that doesn’t contain any fragile parts. It makes the spotlight safe, shockproof, and robust.



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