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LED Solar String Light User Guide

LED Solar String Light User Guide


First,Thank You for buying LE LED Solar String Lights. To Provide an excellent user experience, please install it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate person for retention and future reference.


  1. Please check the LED solar string lights carefully before installing.
  2. The solar panel must be placed at a shadowless location to receive maximum sunlight during daytime hours.
  3. No striking, to avoid any damages to solar cell.
  4. To ensure the normal working of light detector, please install it away from other light sources.
  5. Please do not retrofit the lamp within the warranty period.
  6. The end of this spike is very sharp, please be carefully when using, and children must be forbidden to use it.




Components and Structure




How to install

Step 1:

Place the LED solar string light according to your actual needs.

Step 2:

Use the spike connector to connect the solar panel with the spike.

Install LED String Light Step 2

Step 3:

Insert the spike into the ground, and then turn on the switch to complete the installation.


Rechargeable battery replacement method

  1. On the back of solar panel, unscrew 4 screws with screwdriver, and then unload the rear cover.
  2. Remove the old battery.
  3. Put in a new rechargeable NI-MH with the same specification(1.2V/1200mAh for 4300002 and 4300005, 1.2V/600mAh for 430003); Please make sure that the battery’s anode connection is correct.
  4. Put the rear cover back in place and tighten the screws.


  1. Please install the solar string light according to the instructions of this user guide.
  2. The solar panel must be installed in a location receiving direct sunlight.
  3. To maximize battery capacity, the solar sensor string light should be fully charged by direct sunlight at least for eight hours before initial use.
  4. The IP rating of this string light is IP55, which means it can be used outdoors, but please don’t discard it into the water.
  5. In case of explosion, please do not discard the battery into fire.

Routine maintenance

  1. To ensure better battery charging efficiency, please clean the solar panel at regular intervals, and turn off the switch during maintenance.
  2. To avoid any damage to the lamp, please do not use chemical solvent during routine maintenance.
  3. In winter, if there is snow on the solar panel surface, please sweep it away in time to facilitate the nomal charge.

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