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LED screw in bulbs  A goodbye to old bulbs

LED screw in bulbs A goodbye to old bulbs


led screw in bulbsLED means Light Emitting Diodes. This technology has existed with us for quite some time. LED began existing as components in man electronic appliances for example, computers, televisions, digital clocks and remote controls. But at present, they are used to light homes. A lot of individuals claim that LED screw in bulbs are changing the lighting industry, but you might as well be wondering and thinking just why exactly that is. The benefits they hold over conventional forms of lighting are varied and many.
LED screw in bulb lighting technology is energy efficient and cost effective.
It has a lot of advantages and many people are aware of the advantages, however it does not necessarily mean that you believe the advantages without having full knowledge of the facts and important things that you ought to know.
One of the main disadvantages of traditional lighting is that plenty of the energy taken up by them is wasted. Only 10 per cent of an ideal light bulb’s energy is changed into useful light, the other per cent is lost as heat energy. Reason for this loss of energy is because of the filaments and design they make use of. LED lights do not suffer the same problem. As a result of that, you will be required to change a LED light once in a very long time.
led screw in bulbsAnother drawback of LED light bulbs is cost. The asking cost for LED light bulbs is obviously costlier when compared to incandescent. Nevertheless, that should not make you look away from LED bulbs. LED light bulbs are designed to pay for themselves over a huge amount of years. So do not baulk at the immediate price but instead, calculate the cost over the amount of years.
LED light bulbs are a whole lot more durable than the standard light bulbs. LED bulbs can stand a lot of mishandling before they crack, making LED light bulbs a whole lot more versatile.
LED lighting technology is a whole lot more better technology, but there are some details you should look out for before buying LED light bulbs.
Some of the details are; Desired Brightness, Screw or pin, Warm light or cool light and choose between standard or dimmable bulbs.
Before purchasing a LED screw in light bulb, ensure that it is verified by a true source. It is necessary because it will allow you to have good knowledge of the quality of the LED screw in light bulbs. Examples of certifications can be Energy star, UL and FCC.
The cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of LED screw in bulbs is really creating demand and in no time, you can get to see them being utilized in a whole lot more domestic and commercial light setups. LED screw in bulbs contribute immensely to the health and cleanliness of our world. It is high time a goodbye is said to energy wasting incandescent bulbs and old compact fluorescent.

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