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LED Rope Lights for Decoration Let Your Imagination Fly

LED Rope Lights for Decoration Let Your Imagination Fly

solar rope lights
solar LED rope lights

Many people are familiar with rope lights because they play a significant role in Christmas decoration. Now there comes a new counterpart—LED rope lights. With advantages in life-span, energy-saving, and many other aspects, LED rope lights are enjoying greater and greater popularity. Here we have listed some of the best ways to use LED rope lights as indoor and outdoor adornment.

Yard Decoration
First, you can use LED rope lights to accent your pool, and blue color will give the water a mysterious feeling. Flower beds and fences can also be decorated to make them see more attractive. Bushes and trees may not seem as gorgeous in winter as they are in summer, therefore, decorating them with green LED rope lights can give them a better look. To add more charm and fun to the yard, you can also use LED rope lights to create special characters, such as white LED rope lights to create a shining snowman or red lights to create fake but splendid and radiant flowers.

LED rope lightsStairs and Pathways Decoration
When darkness envelopes the world, it is very difficult to find pathways and very dangerous to walk up or down stairs. So why not illuminate them with LED rope lights?

Decoration for Children’s Rooms
Children like shining things, therefore, you can install LED Solar rope lights on the edges of the room or decorate furniture with them. LED rope lights produce almost no heat and are very safe to use so you don’t need to worry that kids will get hurt.

The given example is 1.2v solar LED rope lights with 50 LEDs for each rope. This kind of LED rope lights is made of plastic and has warm white color. It is waterproof (IP55), perfect for Christmas, wedding, and party decorations. As they can be recharged by solar panel under sunlight, you don’t have to worry about electricity cost. What’s more, this LED rope light has light sensor, making it automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. In a word, these LED rope lights are definitely worth your try!



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