Home Commercial Lighting IdeasLED Panel Lights Vs Fluorescent Tubes – Which is better for you?
LED Panel Lights Vs Fluorescent Tubes – Which is better for you?

LED Panel Lights Vs Fluorescent Tubes – Which is better for you?


We have been using fluorescent tubes around for years. They have been consistent manner proven that it is economical in price while generating the illumination needed in working and public places. In recent years, however, a newer version of light source has come in attention: The LED panel lights.Both fluorescent tubes and LED panel lights have their merits and demerits, but LED panel lights seem to be winning the attention of customers. Let’s take a look to see why this thing is happening, and why you should take LED lighting over fluorescent tubes.led panel lights

To find why LEDs have merits over fluorescent tubes, we must first learn the working of both tubes, how they are designed? And the way they work which generates both positives and negatives to each light source.

Fluorescent Lights:
Fluorescent tubes are created of a long glass tube with metal fittings on each side where electric current is passed into them. In the interior part of the glass tube has a minor amount of magnesium and an inert, usually argon. The interior part of the glass is covered in a phosphorous powder. When electric current is passed into the metal caps on each side, it ignites the magnesium inside the tube. Magnesium atoms then create energy in the form of ultraviolet light, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. When the UV rays hit the phosphorous covering, the phosphorous begins to radiate, producing light.

led panel lightsLED panel Lights:
Unlike fluorescent light sources, LEDs do not contain an inert gas inside them. Instead of that stuff, the entire LED is created of a substance called a semiconductor. This substance is solid in nature, which gives LEDs a little more durability. When electric current passes through the semiconductor substance, the electrons inside begin shaking which releases energy in the form of visible light.

Merits of LED panel lights over Fluorescent Tubes:
Now that we have learned how both light sources function, we can more accurately discuss the merits of LEDs over fluorescent tubes. These contain:
Long Term Price: LEDs are more costly than fluorescent lights,
Maintenance: LEDs need less maintenance due to the long life warranty.
Unwanted Sound: Fluorescent tubes are noisy and crick sound.
Colour : Fluorescent lights provide two colours whereas led lights are in different colours.
Environmental Pollution: Fluorescent lights contain mercury inside it. That is why, it is not so safe.
Instant On: LEDs light has instant on option whereas fluorescent tubes take time to start.
Energy Usage: LEDs use far less energy than fluorescent tubes.
Durability: LED has more durability than fluorescent tubes.
Heat: Fluorescent tubes have a heat problem.

Fluorescent tubes are a nice lighting option for those who want to pay less in starting for their requirements. LED panel lights, however, assure you to give great performance, long term savings, variable colours, and do not contain any unsafe substance. After reading this whole article, it is better to switch to LED Panel lights for your business and if yes, then contact the best LED light installer: lightingever.com.

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