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LED Panel Lights  Bright Light with Low Energy Consumption

LED Panel Lights Bright Light with Low Energy Consumption

LED panel lightsLED products have enjoyed their popularity for quite some time until now, and LED panel lights, based on white LED bulbs for household and commercial lighting, are also gaining the market. There are many reasons why LED panel lights are more preferable than traditional fluorescent ceiling lights.

The first important reason is that it takes LED panel lights much less energy to give off the same amount of brightness than incandescent bulbs or even compact fluorescent lights. It is estimated that one LED bulb only needs about 6 watts to emit a quite similar amount of light that takes other light bulbs at least double the amount of power. Therefore, much more money is saved on electricity cost. What’s more, LED panel lights have a much longer life span. LED bulbs on average can run for up to 60,000 hours, very much longer than the estimated lifespan of the 60w incandescent bulb which is only 1,500 hours, and that of compact fluorescent bulbs, which are between 6,000 and 15,000 hours. As LED lights produce almost no heat, they are less likely to get burned out. These merits will greatly reduce your efforts and cost of bulb replacement.

LED panel lightsThe given product is a 20w LED panel light, with length of 600mm, width 300mm, height 12mm, capable of replacing 50w fluorescent lamps, saving over 50% energy. Each of these LED panel lights is composed of 312 LEDs. The light color is daylight white with input voltage of 85-265AC. There is no need to worry about installation, because pendant, ceiling, wall mounting installations are all available. The CRI is over 80, ensuring items being lit much more realistic. LED panel lights are eco-friendly, with no lead or mercury or other harmful emissions, thus beneficial to your health. And these LED panel lights are shockproof and vibration proof, very convenient to use. So why not have a try?