Home Outdoor Lighting IdeasLED LIGHTS – revolutionizing security lighting of outdoors
LED LIGHTS – revolutionizing security lighting of outdoors

LED LIGHTS – revolutionizing security lighting of outdoors



30w led floodlight
30w led security light

Installing LED security light ensures protection to the property from burglars and other intruders. When there is proper lighting, monitoring the outside area of a house is much easier. Intruders and burglars are more likely to retreat when they find that the house has the best lighting as well as security arrangements. These lights are provided with tailor-made fixtures so that the house owner can include in them other security devices such as motion sensors, timers, alarm, etc. These light have many interesting features and they can be tripped on when required. This type of lighting is exclusively for the safety and security of the house in the wee hours of night. At the time of installation of these outdoor lights for security, sufficient care is taken to ensure that they are kept out of reach of the criminals. The burglars will find it too difficult as well as complicated to tamper or disable the lights. For this type of lighting, instead of fixing a single bright lamp, multiple lamps of medium brightness are fixed. This will ensure fewer glares as well as back-up lighting whenever bulb replacement is required. When compared to halogen bulb as well as incandescent lamp, the LED security light is much more durable and energy efficient. There will not be the hassle of changing the bulb frequently.
The LED option for outdoor lighting

10w led floodlight
10w led security light

When the application is the same there is not much difference between the traditional halogen bulbs and the modern LED but for the fact that the LEDs are much more durable and are energy efficient. Irrespective of the type of the lighting, these lights and their fixtures have to withstand rain, wind and sun throughout their life. When the house owner wants to replace the old light that is installed outside the house for security, he can go for LED replacement. In order to fix the new type of light outside the house it is advisable to dismantle the old fittings and go for a more stylish and compact lamp fixtures. One can find out the latest models of outdoor lights or garden lights from the websites of outdoor lights suppliers. One must also find out the other details such as the model of the lamp, the output of light by the lamp and the quantity of power in watts that will be consumed by the light. The size of the light and the beam angle are also to be noted. The website of the original makers of the light provides all such information.

50w led floodlight
50w led floodlight

The best solution to security illumination
The latest type of LED security light ensures optimal illumination of the outside and is provided with dusk-to-dawn photocell. The light appears elegant when provided with architectural design and bronze finish. Reputed manufacturers offer five year warranty for the fixtures. Apart from ensuring energy efficiency these lights withstand the harshest weather conditions. Easily adjustable detection distance as well as activation time and full 180 degrees coverage are the other outstanding features of this light. The LED lights for security lighting of the house outdoor consumes just 10 Watts of energy. There will be no heat emission and this type of light ensures precise illumination of the outside of houses, garages, warehouses, etc.

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