LED Lights for Your Spooky Halloween

December 15, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

Counting days passing on the calendar, I am very excited that November is coming soon and Halloween is right around the corner. I have always regard Halloween as a holiday for creative fun and surprising excitement. Just imagine the various scenes created around your neighborhood! Isn’t it like you have walked into different wonders and enjoy your Alice-journey in wonderland? Well, it is not that fairy, but spooky—you may refute—but you have to admit the fun enjoyed is no less. Over the years it’s not difficult for us to get realized that how significant proper lighting techniques are to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere. Properly done, lighting can heighten an effect while poor implementation may probably ruin it. Now, with a variety of easy-to-install, high-quality and safe LED lights that can be acquired with extreme ease, we can decorate our Halloween as creatively as imagination allows. Here are some tips to use LED lights to create a LED lightsvivid and “horrible” Halloween atmosphere.Let’s get started with the fence—drape along it with LED string lights which has dangling bloody eyeballs so vivid that your guests may not dare to touch. Once his tiptoes step on the driveway or sidewalk leading to your front door, those intertwined shrubs decorated with color changing LED strobe lights will create a feeling that something “bad” is going to happen. This is the same like in a horrible movie where the flickering light before complete power-off indicates story begins. For those tall trees, you can wind the top branches with LED string lights that create the image of flashing light. Tombstones are indispensible to create a creepy ambience in the yard which is intended to be a graveyard. You can place LED flood lights behind tombstones so as to accentuate them with an awesome glow. Another factor to accentuate the effects is by connecting the LED lights with a player so that when you turn on the lights, you can also turn on the sound. Imagine the scene: once your guests step into the graveyard, a sudden bright white flash of light dazzles his eyes, which is followed by waves of deep rumbling thunder sounds! Try to run away? Just to stumble over exploding Jack-o-lanterns and creepy skeletons! How scary is that!

When the guests finally succeed in getting intoLED lights the house, we, as hosts, must greet them well. One idea is to incorporate into your Halloween costume LED lights with motion sensors so that when they come close, “you” will suddenly glow, definitely giving the unsuspecting victim a good fright.

The reason why we talk all the way about LED lights is that LED lights are easy to install, and they light up immediately when you turn the switch on which is quite important for the sudden effect of Halloween. Besides, LED lights use less electricity, which will definitely save your bills for the holiday as you have to keep a lot of lights on that evening. What’s more, LED lights are safe, reducing your worries about causing fire. For example, LED strip lights working at low wattage can be cut to any length to fit anywhere, so that you can use them at your will to create creepy Halloween ambient lighting. It is true that there are many ways to create creepy and fun Halloween scenes by using LED lighting. So stop marveling at the splendid settings of your neighbors and get started to decorate yours!