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LED Lights for Trucks to Improve Safety when Transporting at Night

LED Lights for Trucks to Improve Safety when Transporting at Night


led lights for trucksTruck market represents an essential part of the world’s economy, with over 60% cargo being transported by road. Since transporting business doesn’t choose a part of the day for its purpose, truck drivers perform cargo transportation even during the night, where truck lighting is essential for safety reasons. Such lighting has special requirements and challenges which LED lights successfully perform.

Advantages of LED lights

Unlike the other types of lighting present in truck industry, LED lights for trucks have ultimate performance and can alleviate or even eliminate many problems related to standard lighting. LED lighting has extremely long life and can endure all bad conditions, which means that an era of bulbs has come to an end. Replacing burned-out bulbs can be a huge problem for truckers and can take a lot of precious time, so this problem can be easily overcome with the addition of LED lights in truck industry. When it comes to problems with vibration and shock, as solid-state devices, LED lights for trucks are insensitive and can withstand the problems related to breaking and damage.

Water intrusion and later corrosion can also be a huge problem which could lead to additional lighting problems. Luckily, well-organized and careful LED lighting system design can lessen these problems. One way of dealing with this problem is to protect the circuit board and additional connection which bring the power to the LEDs. If this circuit board is left unprotected, then these boards could be easily damaged by water. For this reason, serious lighting manufacturers encapsulate these circuit boards in a material which prevents the damage. When encased in this material, the LED lights for trucks are secure and completely impervious when it comes to moisture.

led lights for trucksAnother vulnerable part of lighting systems is the interface which is located between the lamp and wiring harness. If, for example, wiring harness doesn’t provide a secure seal to the lamp, the terminals can corrode, leading to the malfunctioning of the whole system. This problem has been overcome with perfect design which eliminates this vulnerability. A study considering this problem has been performed, where long-term severe testing has indicated that the systems can endure 81% longer than similar competing systems.

Low power demand is another advantage of LED lights for trucks which makes them highly desirable and economic. Thanks to the LEDs, trucks do not have to waste additional electrical energy when compared to standard lighting, enabling them to transport the power over the long distances. The large wires in these lights are generally required for energy reduction, keeping the electrical power loss to minimum. This is especially present in the cases where two, or even three trailers are being pulled by one truck. And, with the addition of ABS braking system, the power demand for the trucks is increased. Therefore, LED lamps are there to make needed power saving, with typical energy use of one fifth to one tenth of standard incandescent lamps.

In that manner speaking, LED lights for trucks are perfect for its cause. They are durable, power efficient and easy to use. These lights will save hours and hours of your work and power, saving millions on general level of trucking, allowing cargo transport to be successfully carried via trucks in the years to follow.

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