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LED Lights Decoration Ideas For Home – Lightingever

LED Lights Decoration Ideas For Home – Lightingever


The use of LED lights to replace the traditional lighting as the main home lighting, not only represent fashion but also energy saving and environmental protection. So LED lights is rapidly becoming the new top choice for many homeowners and investors.

As LED lights is rapidly get popularity in the home decoration, Lightingever.com are here to share with you some LED lights ideas for home that you can better use LED.

Living Room Lighting

mr11 led bulb 12v
MR11 LED bulb for Living Room
gu10 led dimmable
GU10 LED bulbs for Living Room

GU10 LED bulbs and MR11 LED is widely used in home living room lighting. these bulbs are extremely long life, lower maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency. GU10 LED bulbs and MR11 LED bulb eco-friendly, no lead or mercury as well as shockproof and vibration proof.

Kitchen Lighting

12V LED strip lights
12V LED strip lights Kitchen

12V LED strip lights often be used to decorate the kitchen. LED strip lights very safe, because the working voltage is 12V, extremely low heat and it is touchable and safe to children. if use Lightingever LED strip lights is very easy Installation, self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for safe and easy application. More LED strip lights at: http://www.lightingever.com/led-strip-lights .

Under Stairs Lighting

LED strip lights
LED strip lights for Under Stairs

LED strip lights is an ideal solution for under stairs lighting. Use Lightingever LED strips light up the stairs ensure us to safely ascend and descend.

Balcony Lighting

string christmas lights
string christmas lights for Balcony
12v led strip
12v led strip for Balcony

Use LED strip lights and string Christmas lights show the unique and beautiful.

Building Exterior Wall Lighting

100w led floodlight
100w led floodlight for Building Exterior Wall

A bright LED flood lights is needed in our building exterior wall to ensure the safety of the house and prevent theft, especially at night and on holidays. of course you can buy Lightingever outdoor led flood lights (30w,50w,100w,150w,240w) at: http://www.lightingever.com/flood-lights .

Garden Lighting

christmas fairy lights
christmas fairy lights for lawn
Christmas lighting
Christmas lighting for Garden

Solar Christmas fairy lights suitable for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard etc. you can prepare for the coming of Christmas Day 2016.

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