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LED Lighting –Affordable, Efficient and Good Looking

LED Lighting –Affordable, Efficient and Good Looking


led lightingLED lighting is generally associated with power efficiency and long life. However, like any other thing in this world, there are limitations. To start they are expensive then, it is usually a little longer in size as compared to traditional bulks and may not always fit in places incandescent do. They are not the best choice when it comes to working with dimmers. Well, things are about to change. The new technology introduced by Lighting Ever creates a lot more light using fewer LED’s.
led lightingOne of the latest offers by the company consumes just 6 watts but produces light equivalent to 40 – watt incandescent. Its bigger brother with 9.5 wattage has the capability to replace 60 watt standard household incandescent. The latest offering lasts about 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. They come with a number of additional advantages like they turn on instantly, threw light in all direction, can be dimmed and do not contain mercury – a reason of concern when it comes to fluorescent light bulbs.
Priced as low as $5.99 the bulbs not only cost a lot less than most other alternatives as present in the market. Users would need to bear only $1 as yearly running cost and that means one LED light pays itself in two years or less. Lighting Ever, the online store, is one of the best places to purchase LED lights. The US based company is offering the complete range of LED lights along with huge discounts, free shipping and all orders worth $50 or more and a 30 day money back guarantee among others. There are also other types of LED lights available,  including LED bike or bicycle light, super bright LED headlamps, LED flashlight with adjustable focus, 10 W halogen bulbs and under cabinet LED lighting to name a few. The online store offers many kinds of LED lighting for residential, office, retail and warehouse use.


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