January 19, 2015 by Sarah Longfellow


grow light bulbsIn recent years, grow light bulbs have become more and more popular due to their exclusive role in ensuring the proper growth of indoor plants. Recent advances in technology have enabled LED lights in particular to become the grow light of choice in the market. These advancements have ensured that LED lights are produced in several varieties which allow them to be used regularly for housing use as well as technical purposes. This is largely because they save energy usage making the use of grow light bulbs ideal.
The Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs been described in particular are regularly used in flashlights as well as outdoor lighting. They have been found to produce more light per watt when compared to regular lights. As a result of this they produce lighting for much longer (up to 45000 hours) when compared to incandescent bulbs (average lifespan – 1500 hours) and fluorescent counterparts (average lifespan – 30000 hours).
Using the proper grow light is vital and some of the main things you need to look out for are bulbs made in such a shape which ensures they are more focused than others. Light bulbs like incandescent light bulbs usually need additional filter to direct the lighting better. Using LED however is more efficient as because of the color produced.
grow light bulbsAlthough LED grow lights are initially expensive to purchase and install, they last longer which leave you needed to be only a few bulbs to keep you and your indoor plants going in the long term. LED bulbs are also safer to use because they gradually grow dim over a long period. The merit of this is that the reduction in brightness can act as warning to replace the bulb in the near future.
If you plan on going in to serious indoor garden for the long term, LED lights are your best option. Plants have been discovered to respond excellently to the light produced by LED grow lights. If you are only starting to grow plants at home then it more important to become accustomed to the types of soil and watering habits that the plant needs.
The primary advantage however when you use a LED light is its lightweight as this makes it best for grow light bulbs. This is because LED grow light bulbs tend to be lighter in weight and this is quite useful because if you are growing indoor plants then there is a need for you to usually remove a light when you water. Vegetation grows and develops fast under some particular light spectrums according to the actual plants’ phase of growth. All of this is actually less complicated if you use an LED light. Do visit us for more information.

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