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LED Light Bulbs Light the Future Ever Brighter

LED Light Bulbs Light the Future Ever Brighter

There is no doubt that Thomas Alva Edison has brought us into a new era with his invention of the light bulb. Since then, darkness has been dispelled from the night and we can thus enjoy a kaleidoscopic nightlife. And there is equally no doubt that the new comer of the light family—LED light bulbs are going to light our future ever brighter. This is because LED light bulbs have so many advantages that fluorescent, incandescent, and other traditional lights cannot match.

LED light bulbsIn a broad sense, LED light bulbs are eco-friendly. There are two main reasons. First, they produce no lead or mercury, thus having no environmental impact. Second, they are energy-efficient, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs. Now, we are all talking about sustainable development, so think of a city, a nation, the world using energy efficient LED light bulbs exclusively, then how much is the energy saved going to be!

Then, from the perspective of customers, LED light bulbs also bring many benefits. The extremely long life of LED light bulbs saves on bulb replacement, thus saving more money on customers’ bills. Plus, they use less electricity, which also means money-saving. And this really means a lot to customers. According to Ofgem(Britain Office of Gas and Electricity Markets), the energy bills for businesses and households are going to skyrocket in the years to come as a result of power station closures. The energy crisis is expected to hit sometime between 2015 and 2018 with blackouts “unlikely” but bills are going to take a steep rise. When that happens, the benefits of using LED lights bulbs will definitely stand out.

In fact, according to a survey by Energy Trust, if all households substitute energy-saving facilities, such as LED light bulbs for any remaining halogen and incandescent bulbs, it would save every one of them around £50 a year in fuel bills. The UK in total would save £1.4 billion in electricity costs! In addition, the amount of harmful carbon dioxide released into the environment would be greatly diminished by a staggering 4.6 million tones, sufficient enough to power Wembley Stadium more than 550 times.

LED light bulbsWhat’s more, LED light bulbs work at much lower temperatures, so they won’t be like halogen or incandescent lights so hot that cause fire. This means, with LED light bulbs, we get improved safety and security. LED light bulbs also possess many other merits, such as natural color, constant lighting, anti-glare design, no warming up period, and so on that make it rather unwise to purchase traditional lights.

In a word, choosing LED light bulbs not only benefits ourselves but also our only home—the earth. However, customers should be careful when choosing LED products as there are many LED suppliers available at the present time—factors such as quality certifications and warranty must be considered. Lighting Ever(or LE) is an American online company selling LED bulbs and lights with services spreading over 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia via advanced IT technology. Our products are ensured with top international certifications, including TUV GS, Dekra, TÜV Rheinland, BSCI, VDE, CE and RoHS in Europe, Energy Star, UL and FCC in North America. Moreover, we offer 5 years of warranty. If you have any intention to purchase LED light bulbs or want to understand more about the benefits of LED lighting and how much money you can save on the bills, please contact us here.