LED Fog Lights as the Telescope for Cars in Thick Fog

December 30, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

led fog lightsTo drive safely, the driver needs to see clearly. Unfortunately, one cannot always drive in sunny weather. Imagine there is the thick fog and visibility is at a minimum when you have no choice but to take the risks to continue driving to your destination….pictures of car accidents in heavy fog flash across your mind. Well, with technology moving forward at an amazing pace, you don’t need to worry about driving in fog anymore——there are LED fog lights to assist you piercing through heavy fog. In the following we are going to give you a brief introduction about LED fog lights.led fog lights

LED fog lights can provide a wide, bar-shaped beam of light which can penetrate through fog without reflecting it back at the driver. Driving in heavy fog, out of nature, everyone wants their car lights to provide wide coverage of light. But the common car lights, if illuminated to their high beam settings, only reflect the fog; but if illuminated to their low beams, do not offer a long range of visibility. In contrast, LED fog lights do not have such problems, because the size of the light waves produced by LED fog lights is much smaller than the size of water particles of fog. The ability of LED fog lights to offer high visibility to drivers not only enables them to see further down the road to enhance safety, but also helps other drivers and passersby see the car from further away. Moreover, LED fog lights use less electricity compared with the halogen ones, which is especially important for a long journey.

There are many kinds of colors, sizes and designs as for LED fog lights, so you don’t have to worry that they will be incompatible with your vehicles. It is time for you have a try of LED fog lights as they can ease your stress of driving in thick dense fog, thus reducing the possibility of traffic accidents. For more information about LED products, please check our website at www.lightingever.com.