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LED Flood Lights as the Family’s Light Detective

LED Flood Lights as the Family’s Light Detective

LED flood lights
LED flood lights

LED lights are the new rock stars of the lighting world. One of the kinds is LED flood lights which can be used to light up your deck, porch and yard. In addition to these smaller places, LED flood lights can also be used in large places, such as the football stadiums and parking lots. But as the title suggests, this article is confined to home-used LED flood lights which not only provide large quantities of healthy bright light to facilitate activities in the evening but also serve as a competent and affordable detective to deter intruders and even wild animals from the home.

So first, why shall we choose LED flood lights instead of those incandescent flood lights or fluorescent flood lights?
One unarguable fact is that LED flood lights are far more durable than old fashioned flood lights. It is said that LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which is almost 46 years if used three hours per day. Furthermore, LED flood lights are very energy efficient, using only a fraction of electricity compared to the incandescent ones. Longevity and energy efficiency both means money-saving on the bills. Make a comparison by yourself: a 12w LED bulb which emits 800 lumens of light will only cost you a buck and a half per year if lighted for 3 hours a day at an energy rate of 11 cents per kilowatt hour while a 60w candescent bulb which emits 880 lumens will add about $7.50 per year to your power bill. Multiply this by the total number of bulbs in your house and then take bulb replacements into consideration and you will be scared! Besides, heat produced by LED flood lights is very little so that little children won’t be hurt if they have accidentally touched the lights.

Now got the nerve to buy LED floodlights? But wait; there are still several things to consider before rushing to eBay or Amazon.

Where to set LED flood lights?
There are two factors you need to consider when deciding the location of your LED flood lights. First, their light must be directed towards the target without blinding any passersby. Second, you must make sure the light won’t bother your neighbors—don’t make them call the police by arguing that you have invaded their privacy.

Are your LED flood light compatible with your home style?
Of course lights are used to light, but aesthetic consideration can’t be ignored. Set your LED flood lights somewhere that they will not give people a sudden popping out feeling. At the same time make sure the finishes of your LED flood lights match the color or the style of your home.

Are motion sensitive LED flood lights more preferable?
led flood lightsIf you want to save more electricity or use flood lights for security reasons, then motion sensitive LED flood lights are the better choices. The infrared sensors can pick up heat waves when someone or something within range is in motion. This not only spares the trouble of turning them on and off but also provides an added security feature as this kind of LED flood lights will kick on automatically with any movement within range. However, if your home is on a prosperous street and your porch is near the sidewalk, you may get annoyed with the constant on and off of a motion sensitive light—walkers may also find this annoying as LED flood lights are quite bright.

All in all, LED outdoor flood lights are a great instrument to any homeowner as they can both light up the intended target and at the same time strengthen protection for friends and family. Just make sure the LED flood light that you intend to buy meet those international certifications, such as GS.UL. etc.