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LED Christmas Lights Your Gifts Surprise for Santa

LED Christmas Lights Your Gifts Surprise for Santa

Is it too early to talk about Christmas now as it is only October at present? Well, Robert H. Schuller has given a perfect answer: spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. Christmas is the holiday which stirs one and all to feel happy and excited. Children dream of presents coming from Santa’s wonderland, parents arrange the house and ornament every possible inch of the home and grandparents enjoy the jubilant atmosphere and big feast. To borrow a name from the movie, Christmas is, in short, about Love Actually. So given such a significance of Christmas in our hearts, don’t you want to make your Christmas spectacular and gorgeous? Then, October is by no means too early to think about Christmas preparation. Besides, there are too many things in Christmas which will keep you busy, so why not start early? We all have the experiences of waiting anxiously for Santa’s gifts surprise, why not this year we surprise Santa with our new technological gifts, to be specific, LED Christmas lights? Though relatively new technology, LED Christmas lights are having a rapid development, serving as a perfect substitute for traditional lights as Christmas lighting.

LED christmas lightsBefore we go deeper to LED Christmas lights, let’s have a moment’s retrospect of Christmas lighting. The tradition of illuminating Christmas trees with those gorgeous warm candles can be traced back to at least the middle of 17th century. However, it took two centuries for this tradition to become a widely established phenomenon in Germany and then go on a rapid spread to Eastern Europe. In 1882, Edward Johnson lighted up the first Christmas tree in New York City with 8 small electric light bulbs. Not until 1890 was the mass production of electric Christmas string lights possible. More than one hundred years have passed; we are now having LED Christmas lights as replacement for the traditional lights. In fact, there are in the world many distinguished Christmas icons which are now illuminated by LED lights, such as, the Rockefeller Center tree in New York City and the Capitol Christmas tree in Washington D.C. so why do we choose LED Christmas lights instead of traditional incandescent lights?

First and foremost, LED Christmas lights are energy efficient and eco-friendly. As for utility cost, it is said that LED Christmas lights can save 90% or even more in comparison with incandescent holiday lights. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has pointed out that the amount of electricity used by 140 LEDs all together is just equivalent to a 7w incandescent bulb. That means such an amount of electricity is enough to power 24-foot LED string lights for your Christmas. At the same time, to reduce the use of electricity also means to lower carbon emissions. Of course, environmental friendliness also includes the fact that LED Christmas lights don’t contain mercury or give off ultraviolet light which is harmful to living organisms. You don’t want to pollute or suffocate Santa when he comes with gifts for us, right? You don’t want one day when natural resources are exhausted, and you wait for Santa to bring them for us, right? So it’s time for us to go eco and green, to have LED Christmas lights!

LED christmas lightsSecond, LED Christmas lights are safe so you won’t get yourself burned or your house burned to the ground. Let’s take icicle lights for example. To be compatible with the winter atmosphere of Christmas and accentuate the merry ambience, we usually hang icicle lights from rooflines so as to give the whole house an elegant icy appearance. You may have to have a cautious test of your light strand if you use incandescent lights. But this won’t eliminate the awkward accident when the fail of one light results in all lights jumping off the ship. What’s worse, incandescent lights may burn the fuse if you have too many of them connected together. But with LED Christmas lights, you will no longer have this worry. LED Christmas lights give off much less heat, so they won’t have the overheated problems, which also mean they are cool to touch. Meanwhile, Plus, they are less likely to overload a circuit.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, LED Christmas lights also have many other merits, which I will not enumerate one by one here—they are my gifts surprise for you. So try LED Christmas lights by yourself this year and you are going to love those cute lights!