LED Ceiling Lights Radiate Healthy and Eco-friendly Lighting

December 29, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

LED ceiling lights are widely used in many places, including households, commercial offices, hotels, restaurants, and so on. People welcome LED ceiling lights mostly because of their dual function of illumination and ornament. In comparison with the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED ceiling lights have many advantages, such as energy-efficiency, less heat production, no harmful emissions. It is well-known that LED ceiling lights have a service lifetime of more than 50000 hours. And the most important thing is that LED light is the best for our eyes, which is especially important for students as those diagnosed with myopia come to a younger and younger age. There are many kinds of LED ceiling lights available now, and in the following we will introduce for you a specific kind.

LED ceiling lightThis is a 24w flush mount LED ceiling light, able to replace a 50w fluorescent bulb, which means you can save more than 50% on your lighting bill. It provides more vivid and natural lighting with CRI over 80; therefore, things under this lighting have better reflections. It has an anti-glare design, shock and vibration proof, very safe and convenient to light your sweet home. This LED ceiling light has a beam angle of 120 degree with 2000lm of brightness, non-dimmable. The light color is daylight white, especially suitable for home office lighting as warm yellow light can easily make you feel sleepy. The input voltage is 100-120 AV. As for the size, it has a length of 16.14in, width 16.14in, height 3.78in. This LED ceiling light is eco-friendly, containing no lead or mercury, and has no hazardous emissions such as UV or IR radiation. And we offer a warranty of 3 years, so please feel relaxed to have a try; perhaps just for the consideration of health for those you care and love?