LED Bike Lights The Lighting Guide for Riding

December 11, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

LED bike lightsLED lights have been used in a variety of places, and the bike industry has also joined this wide popularity to embrace the use of LED lights, technically defined as LED bike lights. Safety always comes first as to enjoying fun. And to have safe cycling, bikers must have themselves seen and be able to see as clearly as possible to the passing motorcycles and cars. Therefore, to install your bikes with LED bike lights can be of significant importance.

There are many reasons why LED bike lights are more desirable than incandescent bulbs. First, LED bike lights can emit the same amount of brightness with less energy. This means that you can be seen from afar and there is no frequent change of batteries. Second, LED bike lights are more suitable for riding on bumpy roads because they have no filaments or fragile glasses to break. Another reason is that LED bike lights don’t get hot like incandescent bulbs so that you won’t get yourself burned.

LED bike lightsBut before rushing to buy any LED bike lights, there are a few considerations you’d better take into mind. Bikers must be clear about how you plan to use the lights, and how many lights you need—there are many different LED bike lights available, for example, front lights and rear lights, standard LED bike lights and flashing LED bike lights. You need also to think about how long you are going to ride, because that will decide whether you need battery operated LED bike lights or rechargeable ones.

The given example is a type of Lighting EVER 5w CREE super bright LED bike lights, with 3 AAA batteries required and included. This kind of LED bike lights has 3 light mode options: full brightness, half brightness and flashing. And in full brightness, its brightness is 200lm. The heavy duty aluminum housing gives these LED bike lights excellent appearances with scratch and fade resistant. What’s more, these lights are shockproof and vibration proof, perfect for use as bike lights.