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How To Install LE RGB/RGBW Smart LED Strip Light

How To Install LE RGB/RGBW Smart LED Strip Light


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THANK YOU for buying our RGB/RGBW Smart LED Strip Light. For a better experience, please install it according to the instructions below and keep it appropriately for future reference.

1. Unroll the light strip before usage to possible damage because of overheating.
2. Please check the product carefully before installation.
3. Ensure the power is off before the installation.
4. Use the adhesive tape on a proper surface which should be flat, smooth and clean.
5. Do not shape the light strip into sharp angles.

SKU: 900021-RGB-F(waterproof)/900021-RGB-NF(non-waterproof)
Working Voltage: 12V DC / 2A
Adapter Voltage: 100-240V AC
Length: 5m / 16.4ft
Color: Multi-colored
Mercury Content: No
LED Quantity: 300 Units
Life Expectancy: 50000 hrs.

How to cut to length
The maximum length of the light strip is 5 meters / 16.40ft. Otherwise the circuits can be damaged. The light strip can be cut with a scissor every three LEDs at the marked line. To connect the parts you need to use either the gapless connector or the connector cables which need to be purchased additionally(Please contact us to avoid buying the wrong connector).

How to install

cutting led strip light
Prepare the surface where you would like to tape the LED light strip.

Remove the protective sheet of the adhesive tape.

Tape the strip light avoiding heavy folding or twisting it.

Connect the light strip to the control box. Make sure the polarities are correct.

connecting led strip light
Connect the control box with the power supply and the power supply with the mains supply.

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iLUX Mesh APP Quick Guide
Step 1: Please download the iLUX Mesh APP from the App Store, Google Play Store or scan the QR code below.
Note: The software is compatible with the smartphones which support Android version 4.4 or above, IOS 8.0 or above and requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above. Please activate Bluetooth and give the app the required permissions when start it.

iLUX Mesh App

Step 2: Arrange up to 50 lamps. For two or more lamps, please make sure the separation of each lamp does not exceed 10m/32.80ft. The furthest distance in a lamp group between the last lamp to the user cannot surpass 100m/328.08ft. Barriers like walls, doors, furniture, etc. can interfere the signal. The maximum quantity of smartphones should not exceed the amount of lamps installed.

Step 3: Click the button 三 in the app to get further instruction on how to use the APP.
Step 4: If the lamp cannot be found by the app it may be required to reset the lamp. To do so, continuously disconnect the lamp from the mains supply for five times. The lamp has been reset successfully when it starts flashing.
For more information, please visit our website http://ilux.lightingever.com

We provide service for products bought from LED or from certified LE retailers. If you purchase this product elsewhere, please contact the place of purchase to get customer support.

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