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LE Lampux LED Strip Light User Guide

LE Lampux LED Strip Light User Guide


THANK YOU for buying this product. To ensure maximum experience, please install it. according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate person for retention and future reference.


  1. Please read this instructions carefully before using it.
  2. If any damages found in the waterproof cover of the strip light, please stop using it immediately.
  3. Ensure the power is off before wiring and installation.
  4. Any joint parts or cutting ends of the led strip lights should be completely sealed and waterproofing
  5. Risk of electric shock. Do not turn on the power if the installation is not finished.






Components and Structure








How to install


LED strips step-1


Cut the strip lights according to your actual needs. Please be sure that the strip light can only be cut in meters.


LED strips step-2


Connect the strip light and power plug by the pin joint (included).


LED strips step-3


Block up the end of strip light with end caps (included). Risk of short circuit, please seal the blocked end of strip light with enough waterproof glue, and then bundle up with waterproof insulation.


LED strips step-4


Fix the strip light with fixed buckles(included). Youʼd better use at least one fixed buckle per meter. Then turn on the power supply.


LED light strips step-5


For RGB strip light, you can choose any colors or lighting modes you like by pressing the switch button.

Routine maintenance

  1. When install this led strips light in cold days, being pre-energized for several minutes will help to make it more flexible and easy to install.
  1. Since the fixed buckles will perish with age and the ultraviolet light, please replace the buckles upon once a year.

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10 thoughts on “LE Lampux LED Strip Light User Guide

  1. For the RGB, what lighting modes do I have? Can I, say, alternate between 2 or 3 different colors? What are ALL the light switching options available? Thanks.

  2. Hello Lighting Ever,

    I purchased the above product 50m 110-120 V AC Flexible LED Strip Light Kit, RGB, 3000 Units 5050 SMD LEDs. what I would like to do is cut strips to install into display cases each strip would be about 1 meter for each shelf. is there any way to make wire connections between each led strip (about 2 feet of wire is needed between light strip) this will allow me to only light the display shelfs and not have lighting running down the sides of each display case, only putting the lighting at the top of each shelf.

    I would need to know what connections are needed.
    what type of wire to use. wire guage, and any additional steps needed. You may already make and sell these wire connection products, your let me know what I can buy of make these connections myself

    please get back to me as soon as possible.

    thank you

    1. The led strip works well with both power plug (5000064), you can cut and link the strip to the power plug as you want. This RGB led strip light is of 50 meters length, there are two power plugs included. Since the power supply that we provided can run 25 meters only, so you need to cut the 50 meters along the cutting mark into two half (25 meter per half), then connect them with 2 power plugs separately. Please don’t connect the strip light more than 25 meters with one power plug.

  3. How can the resin coating be removed from the cut ends for soldering wires to the solder pads for 3 side by side cut strips each 48 inches long.

  4. If I want to use only 162 feet out of 164 feet long strip, how can I do it? should I place black tape to cover remaining 2 feet to black out?

    1. Dear Darren,
      We are sorry that we don’t have any stock available for the power supply if it is out of stock and discontinued.
      Should you have other question or concern, please feel free to contact us at services@lightingever.com
      Thanks and regards,

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