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Install LED USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Install LED USB Rechargeable Headlamp


Thank You for buying lightingever LED usb rechargeable headlamp.

First, please check carefully whether the products is intact before use.

Second, please be assured that this is a low-voltage product, so it’s safe to use.

Third, please keep rechargeable headlamp far away from fire and water.


SKU Working Mode Battery Type Color Temperature IP Rating Charging Time
3200008 Cool White: full brightness, half brightness, flashing Red Light: steady-on,flashing Polymer Battery Daylight White IPX4 3-6H
SKU LED Quantity Power Rated Input Ta Battery Capacity
3200008 3PCS 3W 5V DC, <= 1A -25℃~40℃ 1200mAH

Note: The exact charging time depends on the charging current, and the battery is with over-charge and over-discharge protection.

Components and Structure

led headlamps components and structure one

led headlamps components and structure two


led headlamps dimensions one

led headlamps dimensions two

Genneral troubleshooting

If the LED headlamps does not work or the light is not bright enough when the switch is turned on, please charge it in time; if the LED headlamps is still dim or does not work after being fully charged, please contact retailers for help.

Routine maintenance

In order to prolong LED usb rechargeable headlamp lifespan, please do not over-charge and over-discharge, namely:

  1. Charge it before it is fully discharged;
  2. Cut off the power supply after it is fully charged.

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