Install 2W×3pcs LED Under Cabinet Lights Kit

November 11, 2016 by Sarah Longfellow


Thank you for buying Lighting EVER under cabinet LED lighting. To ensure maximum experience, please install it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate for retention and future reference.


  1. Please check the lamp carefully before installing LED under cabinet lights Kit.
  2. Ensure the power is offer before wiring and installing LED under cabinet lights Kit.
  3. Please do not retrofit the lamp within the warranty period.
  4. To guarantee the normal work of the lamp, please use the included power adapter.


SKU Wattage Input Voltage Frequency Brightness Output Voltage
1800016-ww-us 2W x 3 100-240V AC 50/60 HZ 170lm *3 12V DC
1800016-dw-us 2W x 3 100-240V AC 50/60 HZ 170lm *3 12V DC


SKU CRI Beam Angle Color Dimmable Ta
1800016-ww-us >80 120 Warm White(3000k) No -25℃~40℃
1800016-dw-us >80 120 Daylight White(6000k) No -25℃~40℃

Components and Structure

led under cabinet lighting Components and Structure


led under cabinet lighting dimension

How to install LED Under Cabinet Lighting ?


install LED Under Cabinet Lighting step-1

Unscrew the outer ring of the lampshade counterclockwise, and remove the lamp shade.


install LED Under Cabinet Lighting step-2

Pass two screws through the screw holes on the lamp plate and then fix the lamp to the installation position.


install LED Under Cabinet Lighting step-3

Put back the lampshade and outer ring of and screw onto the lamp plate.


install LED Under Cabinet Lighting step-4

Plug the registered jack of the cord on the lamp into the jack socket of the junction box, and then connect the DC input port of the junction box with the DC output of the power adapter.


install LED Under Cabinet Lighting step-5


Plug the power adapter into the mains socket, and then the lamp can be controlled by the switch on the power cord.

Routine maintenance

  1. To ensure better lighting, please clean the lamp at regular intervals.
  2. Please make sure the power is off before your maintenance work.
  3. To avoid and damage to the lamp, please do not use chemical solvent during the routine maintenance.

5 thoughts on “Install 2W×3pcs LED Under Cabinet Lights Kit

  1. Pete

    Hi – is it possible to daisy chain several of these together? I need 12 of these pucks off one switch. Perhaps a 12v 2 amp power supply? Thanks!!

  2. michael gaillard

    LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 510lm, Warm White, 3 Deluxe LED Kitchen Light Kit, Total of 6 Watt, All Accessories Included, Puck Lights

    Can this product 1800016-WW-US be hard wired into the electrical of the house with a single switch?

    1. lizping Post author

      Dear friends, Power is available directly to the house. Because it is full kit, so you can’t let the under cabinet lights directly connected to the mains, because led under cabinet lighting is low pressure.


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