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Innovative MR16 LED Bulb Technology

Innovative MR16 LED Bulb Technology


mr16 bulbOnce we used to live in a world when oil lamps were burnt to lit up the streets at night. Soon bulb was invented and people started using them in their homes as well. As the time passed, advancements were made in the field of physics and optics. Bulbs were replaced by tube lights and now we are in a world where LED technology is used to lighten our world. Mr16 bulb is one of those technologies which are in operation nowadays. “MR” is the abbreviation used for Multifaceted Reflector. Mr16 LED bulb is made of pressed glass reflector whose inner surface or reflector surface is comprised of facets which are covered in a reflective coating surface.
The Facets have the function to balance the light emitted from the filament and constructing a beam of light. The source of light of MR bulb lies in the halogen capsule. Reflective coating of most mr16 bulbof the MR bulbs or lamps is made up of two different materials such as aluminum or diachronic. The functions of the two coating used is same. Diachronic coating is dielectric multilayered or thin coating which gives passage to radiations or heat from the filament to pass by the reflector while reflecting the visible light in the forward direction. On the other hand aluminum coating is made up of thin film of aluminum which reflects both the visible light as well as infrared light.
Mr16 bulb comes in different shapes and sizes. Common type of MR bulb used in most of the lamps is just 5 centimeters in diameter and it just equal to 16 eights of an inch or so. Mr16 bulb usually got its name from its diameter. In terms of power rating, Mr16 holds a power rating of ten to hundred watts when used in different lightning products.
Mr16 bulb mostly operate at a voltage lower than 120 volts or you may say that 12 volts only. Some of the Mr16 lamps operate with 6 volts and 24 volts depending upon their design and size. In MR16 circuit a step down transformer is used to lower down the voltage from 120 or 220 volts to the desired level of the circuit. Dimmers can also be used with the Mr16 lamps to adjust the light output. Just like ordinary bulbs, Mr16 bulbs also come with different bases like ring shaped and 2-pin base. Recently mr16 lamps are integrated with new transformers which can operate on 120 volts.
Mr16 bulb has a life time of approximately minimum 2000 hours and maximum of 10,000 hours. Life time depends on the voltage version of the bulb. In lower voltage versions life time is expected to be more than 10,000 hours. Overall, mr16 bulbs are small in size, give cool light and have a very decent beam control. MR16 lamps are cheaper than that of expensive fluorescent lamps available in the market. MR16 is indeed one of the most innovative lighting products of today.


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