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Increase in popularity of LED bulbs

led bulbsThe modern world is currently focusing on production of those devices that are green and are also efficient based on their performance. Our society cannot deal with technology that spoils the environment and further adds fuel to the issues of global warming which has resulted because of excessive carbon emissions. LED bulbs have hit the market with complete confidence considering the fact that they are better than other bulbs and are efficient as well. The other kinds of bulbs that are used by the households include CFLs and LED bulbs perform way better than the CFLs since they use less energy in comparison. The actual research and experiments have shown that LED bulbs use fewer resources to function since they only use up around 10% of what the normal bulbs use.
When LED bulbs were first introduced in the market, these bulbs only served the purpose of being used in indicator lights or other technological devices. When the benefits of these bulbs were unveiled, people started to use them for lighting purposes as well. led bulbsSoon the people realized that not only do LED bulbs consume fewer resources in comparison to the traditional bulbs, they also have a longer life. A normal LED bulb can last as long as 10 years without any issues. A normal usage does not mean that the bulb is kept on for the whole day. If you use the bulb for around eight hours a day, it will surely last 10 years or even more.
The main reason why most people refuse to purchase LED bulbs is because of the price tag. LED bulbs are surely sold at a higher price than the traditional bulbs but it is because the resources used to make LED bulbs cost more. Moreover, if the life of LED bulb and its resource consumption is taken into account in the long run, an LED bulb would surely prove to be more cost effective than a traditional bulb. Since an LED bulb would result in less electricity bills and it would even last longer, it would definitely win when you consider the replacement cost of the traditional bulb.
Research has shown that use of LED bulbs in a household can reduce the electricity bills top 25%. This is not only because LED bulbs consume less resources but also because LED bulbs do not emit a lot of heat which means that the cost of air conditioning is also driven down significantly to have a huge impact on the overall utility bills.