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Important things to know about outdoor solar lights

Important things to know about outdoor solar lights

outdoor solar lights
outdoor solar lights

For garden which does not have outdoor outlets available to them, outdoor solar lights can prove very useful for having some light in your garden. Also, if you require some additional lighting around your garden along with the existing installed lights solar lights can also help you with that. To further encourage users for taking that major step towards going green for the sake of the environment, we have compiled this article that touches all the basic important things that you need to know about outdoor solar lights. Most importantly, solar lights use a renewable source of energy that is absolutely free and available in abundance; the stuff basically streams down from the skies. Also, as opposed to what may be a popular belief, solar powered outdoor lights are very easy to install and be installed on your own without seeking the help of a professional electrician. outdoor solar lights
The number of choices in different types of lights seems to be increasing day by day with more and more advanced variants being released every other day. Selecting the right kind of solar powered LED light for your garden which will also be low cost as well as low maintenance can be quite an overwhelming experience with so many varieties available in the markets today.
So for helping you choose the right solar light here’s a few tips on shopping for solar lights for the outdoors:
1. Firstly, let us understand how solar lights work? Solar lights are made up of specialized photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb sunlight during the day when exposed to the sun. This enables the batteries to charge up so that the bulb can work at night. As the Sun is the main power source for solar lights, they must be placed on location which receives sunlight fully. Ideally for a solar light, to work at its best capacity is to have it charge under the sun for 8 more hours every day.
2. A frequently asked question in people’s minds is that what if my garden does not receive much of direct sunlight or is located in a shady place? For people residing in the desert areas like Tucson or Palm Springs, solar lights at their gardens can charge up quite simply and light up to their maximum strength at night. But for those who live in shaded areas like for e.g. Seattle or simply have a shaded garden area, can seek the help of a professional landscape lighting expert to install a remote photovoltaic panel in an appropriate position like your roof or a sunnier place in your garden which is then wired to the solar lights in the shady place for proper functioning.
3. The different types of solar lights available in the market are: Solar path lights which can be used to illuminate the path with soft lighting, Solar-powered spotlights which provides light equivalent to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb. And finally ambient and decorative solar powered lights, which are mainly to create desired ambience in one’s garden and for decorative purposes like lantern shaped ones.
A noteworthy point here is to pay proper attention to the hue of the outdoor solar lights as most of them nowadays use LED lights that offer a bright white light. For colored light, use one with a tinted covering.


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