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How to Select LED Bulbs for Your Home Lighting?

How to Select LED Bulbs for Your Home Lighting?


LED bulbs have become more and more popular with the features of energy saving, eco-friendly, etc. Are you intending to follow the trend and purchase LED bulbs for your home lightings? If so, how much do you know about the LED bulbs? You might find something helpful on selecting LED bulbs from this article.



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The Advantage of LED Bulbs

1) High brightness and energy saving: with the same brightness, the LED bulbs can last for 1000 hours with the power consumption of each kilowatt hour while the traditional bulbs can only last for 15 hours.
2) Without any delay and long Lifespan: the LED bulbs can turn on immediately without delay and their lifespans are also longer than that of the traditional lights.
3) Eco-friendly: there’s no ultraviolet rays in the lights of the LED bulbs. At the same time, there’s no lead or mercury included in the material of the LED bulbs, that means that they can be recycled and also safety to our health.

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How to Select LED Bulbs

1) Luminous efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency, the more energy saving the bulb is. It’s better to choose LED bulbs that with luminous efficiency over 80 LM / W. This indicator is during the growing period, you can saving more bill with the higher luminous efficiency bulbs.
2) Color rendering index (CRI): the CRI can reflect the reality of the object under the light of the bulb. The standard CRI of the LED bulbs has to be over 70. Bulbs that with >80 CRI are the best choices for home lighting, especial for drawing rooms.
3) Color temperature: the color temperatures can be differing from different environments. The range of the color temperature is 2700-6500K. The light will be warmer with lower temperature. Contrary, it will be more blue and white.
4) Product quality: a LED bulb is composed by the shell component, drive power and LEDs. A good heat dissipation shell is very important for the lifespan of a LED bulb. Also the power factor of the drive power has to be more than 0.9. While the LED chips will directly determine the brightness and the decay of the LEDs.

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