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How to Light Up Your Back Yard With Outdoor Garage Lights

How to Light Up Your Back Yard With Outdoor Garage Lights


outdoor garage lightsYou are in for a real treat if you have not yet installed outdoor garage lights in your yard. Not only will you be adding an exclusive new element to your garden landscape, you will be multiplying the use of it with outdoor garage lights.
Some manufactures of outdoor garage lighting offer coloured lenses at an additional cost. If you have no electricity nearby, consider the use of using tiki torches to light up your yard on those awesome functions.
Setting up outdoor garage lights is definitely easier when you have a helper. No doubt you will need to make some adjustments when you first turn the lights on.
The lamps themselves generally can be found in low post lamps designed more for pathway lighting and spotlights designed for a specific focus. Some sets come with a combination of both which comes in handy for small areas.
Try setting a spot light about 6′ in front of the tree and directing the light as high as possible. Perhaps an even more dramatic look is to place the light high up in the tree and direct the light downward.
Once you are sure you have your lights just where you want them, it’s time to hide the electrical cord between the lamps. A shrub that looks great lit up with outdoor lighting tonight may have grown enough to actually cover over the lamp next season and will need to be moved.
outdoor garage lightsOne of the most popular includes 10-12 lights, 100′ of electrical cord and an easy to set timer. The idea being, each lamp has exposed prongs and when pressed into the cord, they make the proper connection to light up when turned on. Of course you are not limited to lighting up only 100′ of your yard.
When setting your spotlights, consider carefully what you want to focus upon. Key being, the distance you set the spot light from your focus object.
When you incorporate outdoor garage lights, be enlightened your yard is going to look unique at night then it does during the day. As a whole, it’s going to look a lot more exquisite as you can put up the lights to highlight exactly what you wish to showcase.

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