How to Install Smart Bluetooth LED Ceiling Light with Speaker

July 20, 2017 by Sarah Longfellow

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Thank you for buying Lighting EVER smart Bluetooth LED ceiling light with speaker. To provide an excellent user experience, please install it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate person for retention and future reference.
This product has a unique and exclusive two-in-one design-the smart LED lamp and Bluetooth stereo audio speaker. We hope you have infinite joy from the combination of light and music.
RGB color change, warm/cool white and brightness dimmable as you need;
Timer setting: Auto light, auto music and alarm clock;
Mood lighting and music rhythm, enjoy music anywhere;
Sound effect setting: Pop, Classical, Jazz, Bass and Flat.
Scan the QR-Code to Download App


QR Code
Search “i-Link” on your App Store or Android Market by Mobile Phone
Bluetooth Connection
For the first time you use it or pair with “i-Link”, please have it paired according to the steps below:
1. Please enter your phone settings, open Bluetooth, and pair with “i-Link”. Enter the System “Settings-Bluetooth” to discover and connect the device name “i-Link”. Once connected, you will hear the connection tone.

open Bluetooth
2. Open the app, enter the main interface. Click the menu icon; enter the “BT-Connect”, as follow:

open the app
3. “BT-Connect”, operate as follow:

Main User Interface
1. Color Change

Color change
2. Cool/Warm White Adjustment

cool warm white adjustment
3. Music
When you use this lamp for the first time, please enter your phone’s settings; open Bluetooth, and pair with “i-Link’. Then, enjoy your favorite music.

Music place interface

music play interface
4. Profiles

5. Timer Setting
It is your deep sleep assistant and smart alarm clock. The music and lamp turn on/off automatically.
Tips: The function automatically works even when the Bluetooth is disconnected.

timer setting
6. Sound Effect
Sound effect setting: Pop, Classical, Jazz, Bass and Flat. You can set your favorite high pitch/low pitch sound effect via tone equalizer.

sound effect



If you can’t search your Bluetooth bulb device or can’t connect to the Bluetooth lamp device for a long time on your phone, please enter your phone “system settings” and connect again.
Do not put the ceiling light in a closed lampshade;
Do not put the ceiling light in a place which is humid or has water;
Keep using it under the power source of 100V to 240V AC, 50-60HZ;
This ceiling light is not a toy and keep it away from children;
Do not put the ceiling light on a high-temperature surface;
According to warranty terms and also for your safety, please do not open any sealing device;
Cool down the ceiling light before replacing it to avoid electronic shock or burning.


2 thoughts on “How to Install Smart Bluetooth LED Ceiling Light with Speaker

  1. Scott

    I need to know how to wire this light in my home. I have an unfamiliar colored wires of blue and red whereas my ceiling has black and white….the unit has an enclosed wires and my ceiling wiring is open?

    1. lizping Post author

      Dear Scott,
      Thank you for your message.
      As for your question, the blue wire is the neutral line and it should be connected to the white wire on your end, the red wire is the live line which should be connected to the black wire on your end.
      Hope this would help.
      If you have other question or concern, please feel free to contact us at
      Thanks and regards,
      LE Product Question Team


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