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How to Install LED Strip Lights on Stairs

How to Install LED Strip Lights on Stairs


There are numerous advantages to LED strip lights for stair lighting. It is inexpensive, aesthetic and very easy to install. LED strip lights that you can adjust to any stair design will enable you to choose the color, brightness and size of the strips. 12 volt LED strip lights are safe, run on low voltage, do not give off heat and are environmentally friendly. The extrusions ensure that one is able to place the strips on the stairs easily and in an aesthetic manner. Given all that these lights have to offer, it is not surprising that they have become increasingly popular among homeowners.

daylight white led strips for stairs

LED strip lights for stair lighting not only reduce the chances of accidents but can even add value to the home. Furthermore, LED strip lights do not use very much energy and so do not cause a dramatic increase in the electricity bill, even if they are left on all night. LED strip lights comes in various colors, enabling a homeowner to pick the color and style that best suits his or her home.

Most homes have straight run stairs, but there are also L shaped stairs, double L stairs, U stairs, spiral stairs and winder stairs. Many homeowners opt to place LED strip lights on the stairs; however, this is not the most aesthetic option, although it is an effective way to light up the stairs at night.

12v flexible led strip lights for stairs

How to install LED strip lights on stairs

  • Cut the LED strip lights according to your actual needs. Please be sure that the strip light can only be cut in meters.
  • Connect theLED strip lights and power plug by the pin joint (You can buy it at https://www.lightingever.com/lighting-accessories).
  • Block up the end of strip light with end caps (included). Risk of short circuit, please seal the blocked end of strip light with enough waterproof glue, and then bundle up with waterproof insulation.
  • Fix the strip light with fixed buckles. Youʼd better use at least one fixed buckle per meter. Then turn on the power supply.

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