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How to Install LED Headlight Bulbs

How to Install LED Headlight Bulbs


Thank you for choosing our LED headlight bulbs. Please read this user guide carefully before usage and keep it for further reference.


1.Please check the product carefully prior to use.
2.Use an input voltage that is compatible with this product,
3.Do not touch the LEDs in order to ensure the normal work and good performance of the lights.
4.The rubber ring (Type B) must be installed correctly to ensure water protection.
5.Install the headlight driver at a suitable place which is protected against water.
LED Wattage: 40W                Color Temperature: 6500K
LED Quantity: 12                   Beam Angle: 360°
Input Voltage: DC 12V           Water Resistance Rating: IP45 except for the cooling compartment
Input Current: 1.8A max        Ta: -40℃ – 65℃/-40°F – 149°F
Components and Structure

component and structure
How to install
1.Please shut down the engine and turn off the power supply for the headlights before installation.
2.Open the engine hood and remove the original headlights from the headlight assembly.
3.Type A headlights: Unscrew the bracket holder from the bracket lock by first pushing the headlight assembly and fasten it with the retention clip of the headlight assembly. Insert the lamp together with the spring through the bracket holder into the headlight assembly and secure it using the bracket lock.
4.Type B headlights: Fasten the lamp in the headlight assembly.
5.Connect the headlights to the power supply and check if the installation is done successfully.

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