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How To Install LED Flood Light

How To Install LED Flood Light


Thank You for your purchase. For a better experience, please use the floodlight according to the following instructions and retain this manual appropriately for future reference.

Installation Precautions

  1. Please check the lamp carefully before installing.
  2. Ensure the power is off before wiring and installation.
  3. To help ensure its longevity, please do not use this lamp in extreme conditions.
  4. If there is any damage to the lamp cord, please cut off the power and shop using it immediately.
  5. Please do not retrofit the lamp within the warranty period.
  6. To ensure normal lamp function, please use the voltage indicated on the packing.


  1. Please install the lamp according to instructions of this user guide.
  2. To avoid any injuries by a fallen lamp or an electric shock, please do not retrofit this lamp at random.


SKU Model Wattage Input Voltage Frequency Brightness Ta Warranty
3400031-DW 343124-50k 150W 100-277 V AC 60 Hz 16500 lm -25℃-40℃


5 years
3400032-DW 343224-50k 200W 100-277 V AC 60 Hz 22000 lm -25℃-40℃


5 years
3400047-DW 344724-50k 100W 100-277 V AC 60 Hz 11000 lm -25℃-40℃


5 years
3400058-DW-EU 150W 200-240 V AC 50 Hz 16500 lm -25℃-40℃ 3 years
3400059-DW-EU 200W 200-240 V AC 50 Hz 22000 lm -25℃-40℃ 3 years
3400060-DW-EU 100W 200-240 V AC 50 Hz 11000 lm -25℃-40℃ 3 years

( CRI > 80; Waterproof IP65; Beam Angle 110°; Daylight White(5000K) )


led flood lights dimensions

3400031-DW 360mm/14.17in 290mm/11.42in 82mm/3.23in 430mm/16.93in
3400032-DW 500mm/19.69in 360mm/14.17in 115mm/4.53in 570mm/22.44in
3400047-DW 285mm/11.22in 250mm/9.84in 66mm/2.60in 360mm/14.17in
3400058-DW-EU 360mm/14.17in 290mm/11.42in 82mm/3.23in 430mm/16.93in
3400059-DW-EU 500mm/19.69in 360mm/14.17in 115mm/4.53in 570mm/22.44in
3400060-DW-EU 285mm/11.22in 250mm/9.84in 66mm/2.60in 360mm/14.17in

Components and Structure

led flood lights components and structure

How to install

Step 1

led flood lights step 1

Drill two holes suitable for mounting the lamp bracket.

Step 2

led flood lights step 2

Put the bracket onto the prepared mounting hole and then screw on.

Step 3

led flood lights step 3

Adjust the light direction as you like and then fasten the bracket screw tightly.

Step 4

led flood lights step 4

Connect the blue/white wire and brown wire of the lamp separately into the Neutral line and live line of mains supply. The ground wire must be earthed. Once the wiring is affirmed to be right, plug in the power supply.

Genneral troubleshooting

If the lamp is installed properly, please identify whether the failure is caused by following situations. If all following resolutions do not work, please stop using immediately and contact professionals or retailers for assistance.

  1. If the lamp does not work, please cut off the power and then check whether the power cord of lamp is properly connected with mains supply.
  2. If connected properly, please ask a professional to check the input voltage or circuit.

Routine maintenance

  1. To ensure better lighting, please clean LED flood lights once a year.
  2. Please make sure the power is off before your maintenance work.
  3. To avoid any damage to the lamp, please do not use chemical solvent during routine maintenance.
  4. If you need to replace any components or cords of the lamp, please choose those having the same specifications.

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